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There don't seem to be many of us here?

Hi guys. While ready quite a few of the questions here from people and also comments, I have noted that there do not seem to be many of us here. Am I wrong or is it maybe that many gay people just don't know about this site? It seems we all have the same worries and its nice to know everyone else is going through the same kind of problems at least. Anyone else here getting hitch in Essex/east London by the way?image


  • Hiya

    I think you could be right, i didn't know about it for ages and now that i do it does seem that there aren't that many gays on here or if they are they don't feel like they can talk. I think maybe being way out numbered doens't help!x
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    So millie11 whats your plan? Whens the date etc?
  • Im getting married in kent. I agree I like to talk to gay people abouts worries etc i have and havent found anyone on here really.
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    Well chat away rainbow! My main worry at the moment is that I don't really have a close friend to share it all with. My partner is having his best mate as "best man" and both our mothers are witness's, so it kinda leaves me stuck a bit. Still it can't be helped I guess. Our dog Eva is coming so maybe I'll just settle for her, not that she will be able to make a speach!
  • Well we are having the ceremony at Bath Guild Hall followed by a reception at my girlf's parents farm. Marquee, barrells of beer, a ceidhl (or how ever you spell it) and a dj. We are having a BBQ for the sit down and crepes in the evening. And i have decided it will be the hottest day of the year on 27 June!

    What are your plans so far dalaston and rainbow-wife?

    Dalaston if you need to talk about anything, go for it! I love that your dog is going! x
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    Thanks milliell thats not e11 as in leytonstone is it? Fingers crossed it will be the hottest day for you! That was one reason why we choose a Dec wedding so the weather didnt matter. Otherwise I think I would of liked a tridtional country type wedding in the garden maybe with a hog roast!

    We foudn it hard to find a venue that would allow a dog to come but Packfords have been great so far. She will only be with us for the service and photos then "gran" will take her home so we can eat etc. Not sure how she will feel about having flowers round her neck, and I mean the dog not the gran! Our service will be by candle light millie11 and then photos and a sit down meal & drinks. We are not having a DJ due to budget but if I can save enough I may try to get one!
  • I'm afraid not, I'm in Manchester! A winter wedding in candle light sound amazing and so romantic! I would have loved a hog roast but my girlf is a veggie so we compromised with a BBQ. I know about budget issues, we've been saving and skint for 18 months now, even on a budget it's expensive!Have you got any friends who could dj if you wanted a bit of a disco? x

  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    Not that I know of millie. Things can soon get out of controll when you start looking at things, and ideas progress. We have gone from a cake costing about £250 to now about £500, and I no for sure that flowers will increase. I'm the one with more control over spending than my other half who would just keep going, but even I am finding it hard!
  • With regards to a DJ what about loading up an Ipod with all your favourite music and then asking the venue if they can play it through speakers and bring your own. We had a reasonably good priced DJ from east london but I know budgeting can be a nightmare.
  • We have a service at a registar office near us which looks like a palace - we have a pink limo and a white rolls for my mrs but I still think its kinda going to plan like a st8 service and thats what we didnt want.. as im wearing a dress and my gf is wearing a suit or white throusers and top we also have a best man which is a very close friend of our and we have 4 witnesses and a reading. But the reception is goin to be totally different with a drag queen ' drag with no name' and we have a disco and karoake. Maybe im just being stupid.. I just dont want a st8 wedding and the way it going its goin to be like that grrr
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    Ok rainbow, if you had a choice how would you change it?
  • coatsie79coatsie79 Posts: 79
    I don't think people feel restricted to posting just on the same sex forum. There is more activity in the other forums so people tend to go there. This forum is good for doubts about things hetro couples don't have to worry about image I think there are more gay people on this site than those who just keep to this forum.
  • rainbow-wiferainbow-wife Posts: 394
    Well best man but the person who going to be our best man is a really close friend of ours. I wud love to see my gf is a dress but that will never happen. One thing that isnt going to look st8 in the ceremony is the rainbow flag.. maybe im just worrying for no reason
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    i have introduced a couple of gay couples who are getting married to this site and they have said they find it very helpfull and find everyone so friendly
  • stephenswifestephenswife Posts: 340
    Hi all. I hope you dont mind joining in here but so glad that you are able to discuss your plans on the site with other people who are planning their big day like you . We wanted to have a dj but they were pricey so came up with an idea - like someone suggested - ask if you can play your own i pood or whatever you have to play music on and why not get a few guests to download a cd of music they have chosen for you and your partner say 5 songs on a cd and you hopefully will be pleasantly surprised at the songs that have been dedicated for you and will bring lovely memories? I mean we have wedding guest books so why not wedding guest music ?? good luck
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