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Registrar- i have no idea!

So my H2B has been back from Iraq and is away again, and we decided on things together, and now i just have to book things, but how on earth do i go about booking a registrar? are they in the phone book? or online? and what am i looking for? image i am totally clueless,

any help would be appreciated! cupcake x


  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    you need to contact the registry office in the district you live in to register your notice of intent to marry - both of you need to be there to do that. This then goes on the public board for two weeks to give people time to register any objections before they issue the licence. You should be able to find their phone number in the phone book.

    If you're getting married in a different district then once you have your license you need to give this to the registry office in the district your venue is. This is the registrar you need to book to do your ceremony! Your venue will be able to provide their telephone number.

    Don't forget - your licence is valid for a year so best if you allow some time after the wedding in case something happens and you need to delay it, that way you won't have to go through the whole procedure again! We get married on the 4th August this year but our licence is valid until sometime in September....just in case!!!
  • westergillewestergille Posts: 323
    It's so complicated. I'm getting married in a non-Anglican church and I've only just realised I have to go through the same process as for civil ceremonies. It's all overcomplicated by the fact that I live in Buxton, my fiance in Canterbury and we're getting married in Watford... And registry offices only seem to be open for a few hours each week.
  • griffinuk1griffinuk1 Posts: 213
    Give the registry office a call, they are really helpful, it's like talking to an old friend, really, well it was where I live. It's so easy for them, they inform people all day long. Just call them. Registry offices should be open from 9am until at least 4pm.
  • i have to agree the registry office is really helpful. i rang the office where our wedding is taking place and we have booked our registrar already. the only thing i can't do yet is register our interest to marry at our local registry office. but the lady i spoke to gave me all of the contact details i needed and when the best time would be to ring. just ring them, they are there to help!
  • mandysparksmandysparks Posts: 639
    Hi Cup Cake

    Have a look at these 2 websites, i think they will answer all your questions.



  • BalfieukBalfieuk Posts: 108
    We still have to contact the registrar too, not marrying til Jan 2009 so cant do it yet. Can someone tell me when you pay the registrars fee? Do you pay the whole lot when you book him/her, or do you pay nearer the time? Also what about the marriage certificate, when and where do you pay for that?

    Need to know for budgeting!
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    we saw the regsitrar with our documents and paid the giving notice fee then, we've got to make an appointment about 6 weeks before the civil partnership date to pay the fee, not sure about the certificate I assumed that was included in the price!
  • BalfieukBalfieuk Posts: 108
    Thanks for that. The certificate might well be included I really dont know anything about it all!
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    we're paying over £500 so i'd bloody hope so!
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