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Bridal Shop Recommendation

Hi, this is 'our' first post on here but I have been reading for a few months now.

I just wanted to recommend a fabulous dress shop in Southport, Merseyside called Lucy Briars, who totally overwhelmed us both. Unlike some other "boutiques" we have visited lately (and believe me there have been a few) we were dealt with with complete compassion, understanding and consideration toward finding the perfect dresses for our wedding day.

The shop has catered now for several same sex couples, and even a young chap and is certainly worth visiting if it is near enough.


  • WeddingMonsterWeddingMonster Posts: 2,098
    We went to Special Occassions in Essex and they were brilliant. Confetti and Lace in Lakeside were not - we were shunted in and out as if they didn't want our business!!!!

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