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The Countdown begins...

Hi All

So it's the 1st Aug today - anyone else getting married this month? 29 days to go for me - the nervous have just kicked in and am worrying we haven't got everything sorted! Thankfully my partner has now got her suit sorted! Hope everyone's plans are coming along well. x


  • We've got over a year to go! October 2010.

    What are your plans?
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    You have plenty of time for any last minute changes image I'm sure it'll be a great day. I photographed a Civil Partnership today - and although it rained - everyone had an absolutely amazing time.... I'm sure yours will be the same!
  • Only 2 days to go! Fingers crossed for good weather on Thursday x
  • we getting married next sat 15th aug x
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    Good luck rainbow-wife image Hope you get great weather for it!!!
  • UmfriendUmfriend Posts: 307
    Our CP is 12 September - 37 days to go and I can't wait!!!!!!!
  • We have ages! 429 days! image soooooo long

    Everyone has to post their pictures so we can get excited!
  • shazzellshazzell Posts: 86
    me and my partner have got 271 days to go.8th may 2010.we will have been together 20 years on 4th may 2010.nerves have already kicked in.
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