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Church Venue option

I am looking at restoring a church with the potential to use for civil ceremonies - there is also rooms and land to create the reception also.

Would this interest you being able to wed in a church location - the pictures would be amazing.

Let me know what you think would this appeal to you.


  • shazzellshazzell Posts: 86
    if its a beautifull building and surrounding area.then yes we would.not just because its a former church.
  • that would be brilliant! we have selected our venue but always maintained a church would be beautiful
  • I was intrigued by this - I would have thought people would love it, but check with the Registrar's Office if it would be allowed, as civil ceremonies are not permitted to have any religious links at all. The Church would need to be properly decommissioned and so on for a civil ceremony to be allowed - otherwise you could still have a sort of blessing ceremony, but not a valid partnership ceremony.
  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    you would not be allowed to have religious images in the stained glass windows- something to bare in mind when you're restoring it.

    I would think a lot of people would be interested- but personally I had my church wedding to be close to God...but I appreciate there is a market of people out there who feel differently

  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    As other posters have correctly commented - CP's are not permitted to be religious in any way (which in a sense is a shame for those with religious beliefs) however a church setting would be popular for Civil ceremonies I'm sure, and would certainly make for some great photographs... I'm just not sure of the legalities of utilsing a former church in this way - what part of the country is it in?
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