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Me and my partner are thinking of having a christmas wedding with a scottishe theme as is half scottish but were not sure what colours to have? were hoping to take colours out of her family tartan but every website we go on to find her tartan has different coulrs for her family. Does anyone no anywere in kent that we could maybe go and have a look at some tartan and maybe should could try some. As i cant find anywere online.

Also has anyone ever been to a scottish wedding maybe you could share your stories with me???

I would be greatful if anyone could help two brides in distress


  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    I'm not sure you'll find Tartan in Kent - however I'm guessing you'll be more likely to find it in London's West End - maybe Saville Row area? It's a nice day trip from Kent, and you'll both get the chance of seeing a choice of Tartan I'd guess image
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Find out the correct tartan by googling it! And remember, some Scottish tartan suppliers sell ribbon in the matching tartan design. A few metres of tartan ribbon (in the correct tartan) used as a trimming on various aspects of your wedding would be a subtle way of including it. Imagine, the ribbon festoons on your wedding car in her tartan!?!?!? Great idea!

    You could also have the ribbon around the napkins at the wedding breakfast, perhaps on the favours or in the bridesmaids' hair? And what about firmly entwined around a hand-tied flower bouquet?

    Lots of possibilites without having to spend a whole lot of money on tartan clothing.

    Good luck!!

    Bamba xx
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    bamba thank you so much i hadnt thought of getting the ribbon and using it in the way you suggested maybe you could be my wedding co'ordinater lol. i love the hand tied boquet idea with the ribbon fantastic
  • Hi Ambil -will you both be wearing dresses or something else? Where are you having it?
  • ambilambil Posts: 170
    hey katy_roberts i am wearing a dress and my partner is wearing a kilt. We are gonna get married at courtstairs ramsgate
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    Sounds wonderful ambil - is it then straight on the ferry to France and a Europe wide honeymoon? image

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