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We've done it

Hi everyone,

Well its now official, we are now Mr & Mr (as of 14.08.09), if anyone wants a chat about what its like to finally have gone through the ceremony and have the big day after all the months of planning, planning and more planning let us know.


Andy xxxx


  • em831em831 Posts: 260

    Are there any piccies?

    NYM xx
  • shazzellshazzell Posts: 86
    congratulations to you both! give us an insight to your big day.x
  • emmalampkinemmalampkin Posts: 6,618
    Congrats you both.

  • Congratulations! x
  • Hi,

    We're having a CP next year. What was it like? What vws did you use? oooh I want to know everything!!!

    (Congratulations too!!!!) *smile*
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    Congratulations to you both - Tell us more about your big day - where was it and how was it? Was it all you expected?
  • congratulations to the both of you. Me and my wtb booked for the 26.11.10 we cant wait. We dont have our meeting with registrar for a few month yet and so we are a little unaware of the proceedings of a CP. Could you help?? xx
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    Hi Amandahr - what would you like to know? I was speaking to a couple today who were first civil partnered back in February 2006, who compared their ceremony then, to one we attended today, and how things have evolved. Where are you holding yours? Is it at a private venue, or a local-council registry office? Although the process at both is just the same, you tend to get a bit more flexibility at privately hired venues...
  • Hi Ch-photo , we having it at Sheffield register office , we was just wondering about the little things such as the music how many songs do we need to choose? and are we supposed to have best man/woman etc. do our guests get seated prior to us entering?? and do we have a song played on way out ?? lol sorry we just never been to a ceremony before and we are completely clueless until we have meeting with registrar xx
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    Amandahr - I think you'll find your Partnership day to be reasonably flexible. As you say once you meet the registrar they'll answer specific questions about the venue itself, however in general, we had ours to one particular music track on entry, and another on exit. We had two witnesses and classed them as best men. You don't have to have best men or best woment, they can just be witnesses, however if you want to call them best men or women, go ahead and do so.

    Guests are normally seated prior to your entry - but again if you prefer, you can be in the room at the same time, and the registrar will just ask everyone to be seated, if you don't want an entrance.

    If you want a song on the way out you're more than entitled to have one, or you can leave to applause from the guests. Upto you really image

    Check that the venue has suitable music playing equipment, otherwise you'll have to take your own. Normally an Ipod (or MP3 equivalent) with a speaker set works well I'd say.

    I think it'll all become clear when you speak to the registrar - but until then, whatever you want on your day, have a think, and in general, they'll more than happily accomodate!,uk
  • photos?
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