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help wedding song words- registray office

Hi me and my w2b have chosen Celine Dion- Have you ever been in love as our song to walk down the aisle too, in the song we have juyst noticed it says ' have you ever said a prayer? and found that it was answered?' will we be able to have this still as our song ?? Help!


  • our bmds walk in for 1st verse , my w2b on 2nd verse and me on 3rd
  • jill111jill111 Posts: 18
    Hi Amandahr, I asked a very similar question a couple of weeks ago - the song we wanted is Candi Statton's 'You got the love', and says 'Lord' a few times so I was worried we wouldn't be able to have it!

    I emailed our registrar and she said that as long as the overall song wasn't 'of religious content', they didn't mind the odd word - she said it was fine to have songs like 'I say a little prayer' and 'God only knows'. So you should be fine!

    You might want to phone/email your registrar just in case though, as it may differ depending on your local registry office (ours was Lincolnshire).

    Hope this helps! x
  • thanks for your reply jilll111, i will call them, hope sheffield is as good, i will truly be hurt if we cant use it. its only that one line and it only says it once! x
  • jill111jill111 Posts: 18
    I'm sure you'll be ok. Let us know how you get on! x
  • We were not allowed anything with God, Marriage, Lord, Prayer, Angel for our reg office CP. They are strict in Glasgow!
  • ch-photoch-photo Posts: 80
    To be fair - in terms of songs - most don't want to know what your playing in advance. I think as others have said, as long as it's not a fully religious song like 'Onward Chirstian Soldiers' I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine!!
  • I agree should be fine but worth calling them to check!
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