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poll: are you dieting for your wedding?

just thought i'd be nosey as i have started my weight watchers diet today. would love to get down to 9st 3lbs be a size 8/10 for my wedding day.

was just wondering if any other brides are bothering.....xx


  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    just going to the gym and toning and watching what i eat rather than a formal diet- more concerned about good skin, no spots and glossy hair and nails and toning in general than what the scales say as i've seen too many people crash diet then put it all back on again. it's nice to be looking after myself and thinking about it a bit more though - have been going for manicures regularly too which is making me chill out more generally x
  • I agree with natz, I've seen more than one bride lose so much weight that their dress won't fit on the day and because of that they look too thin and washed out in their photos.

    . . .Having said that if I lose a stone the price for my dress goes down quite a bit image

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  • I have two more years before my wedding and I hope to stay the size I am now. . .if anything, there's a swimming pool with aquagym lessons a 10-minute walk away from where I live image
  • penguin, you don't need to lose any weight. . . I will feed you good English food and put some extra meat on youimage
  • Hiya,

    I am aiming to lose weight, just generally and to try and look my best on our wedding day. I have had ups and downs with my weight, started a diet in 2004 weighing in at just under 18 stone, got down to 10 stone 4 lbs and am now about 12 and a half. Want to lose 2 stone in 6 months and am aiming to keep it off this time!!

  • Am aiming to lose 3 stone by October next year - wondering if I will have to chop off a leg to achieve this?? Hmm - Anyway - just trying to keep out of the kids cookie jar (why does wife2b - buy all that stuff for their lunchboxes - it just teases me!) and get my sorry ass to the gym min of 3 times a week
  • Yeah we're losing weight - I need to lose loads so as much as possible, so far have lost nearly 2.5stone and partner nearly lost 2 stone. Doing Slimming World - have 1year and 3 days to go woop woop
  • I found slimming world great but now we have three foster kids its sooo hard to stay on track!

  • A friend on mine did lighter life - it was expensive but from her results worth it - she went from a size 20 to a 12 in just over 4 months!
  • I would love to lose weight for my big day.... Unfortunately I carry lots of extra weight image and to get down to my maximum weight for my height would mean me losing a whopping 9st image(

    I am a Security Officer and depending on what jobs I am on I am not that terribly active at work sometimes confined to a gatehouse or control room for the full 12 hour shift. If the shift is a long boring one i.e. not lots to do I tend to find that I eat out of boredom....

    I so need to get myself motivated and get into a good healthy diet and try and pick up a good exercise routine unfortunately with the number of shifts I tend to work I dont tend to have time to go to the gym etc.... am thinking I need to buy myself a wii fit for the hous elol maybe that will help me a bit...
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