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Gay Wedding Show in Brighton - Anyone going?

Just wondered if anyone was going to the Gay Wedding Show in Brighton this year in November? Has anyone been to one of their shows before? We're thinking of going - wondered if it will be popular - or whether anyone here has been to one in the past?


  • We went to the one in Manchester - it was such a waste of time!!

    There were about 10-15 stands. Mostly venues.

    No dresses or fashon

    1 mens suit stand

    a few stationary stands whose ideas of good stationary was rainboews and other such cliches

    It was a real diasppointment!

    Seriously how come people dont get it - 2 brides mean 2 dresses!!!!
  • Thanks for the info - interesting feedback. I'm going to the one in Brighton - and it'll be our first show. I'm just putting together some marketing material now - and really want to show heavily that guys can be guys - whereas ladies can be ladies. (I know what I mean) The couple in my avatar will feature prominently. I gather there will be around 6 photographers there - so I'm up against some competition.

    Sorry to hear the bad news around the dresses - did anything any of the photographers did stand out to you as being a bit different - or managed to catch your eye? Whether you were looking for one or not?
  • No - to be honest it was all very poorly done.

    They did a mock cvil ceremony but it was all drag type over gay and it annoys me just because im gay doesnt mean Im into the scene etc it was so cliche and cheesey and we really hated it!

    The suppliers really only made a half arsed attempt - I think there was another wedding show on in the area and so they sent second in commands to the gy show.

  • We'll be going, just to get an idea of where to start really! I was hoping it would be a decent event, especially being in Brighton, but we'll have to wait and see image
  • we are going to the one in manchester,having second thoughts though.dont want to be disappointed.
  • We got more out of an actual wedding depends on what you're after and it might have improved in the last year but I like to be honest and I wouldn't get your expectations up!
  • CH Photo - would really recommend if you can having stuff with 2 brides in dresses. That will really differtiate you. All the CP photographers I have seen only have men and if they by some chance have women they are always in white suits. I would have seriously considered someone if they had examples of what we were after - the big white day just with 2 brides. This is really lacking in the CP marketplace.
  • we"re gonna check it out,taking our mums so it will be a day out,if rubbish,we will just go on for a meal in the village.
  • Thanks WM - That's really good advice - I was thinking to go in quite strongly with the couple in my avatar - two great ladies both in full white dresses.. You've help confirmed my thinking. Thanks for your feedback.

    As I say it's our first one - so a bit apprehensive (and expensive!!!)

    Staceywoo - if you are at Brighton - do come and say hello - whether or not you want a photographer!!

    Shazzel - I have a friend in Manchester - a female photographer attending the Manchester show - she's very good. It's her first show as well....

    Anyone else going to Brighton?
  • Yes definately use them! Will give you the edge! Good luck
  • Thanks WM - I'll let you know how we get on. Not sure if we're allowed to ask opinions here - so if we're not - I don't mind if this gets removed - but putting together a banner for the show - and in two minds whether the rainbow theme is appropriate - or a little too much. If you don't mind WM (or anyone else) I'd appreciate if you could have a quick look - I have 5 versions I'm considering at the moment - which - if any would draw your attention?

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  • It won't let me post the photo directly - so had to add it by link instead...
  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    I'm not overly keen, to be honest. Brighton, as you'll know, is a very sophisticated city which is almost bursting at the seams with creative people. You need your banners to be rather more cutting edge if you don't mind me saying.

    (PS. I know of what I speak about Brighton photography! However, the rules about self-promotion are strict on here so that's all I can say!)
  • I agree - the rainbow is quite cliche so something modern and sophisticated again would set you apart.

    The best of the ones is c as there is no rainbow!
  • Thanks both for your feedback - I don't want this as self promotion - it's just good to hear what the end customer thinks before actually getting in front of the end customer. I'm 50/50 about the rainbow side of things - some people like it - others don't. I know you can't please all of the people all of the time - but it's good to hear your opinions, along side some other forums, to which I'm going to amalgamate all the comments, and then see what I can come up with. Thanks again both for giving me some views I do appreciate it - and if anyone else would be kind enough to share their viewpoint I'd also be grateful.
  • My partner and I went last year with my mum. It was ok.... not as much as I expected, but I did find my cake and photographer there! They had quite a few ceremonys if I remember correctly, however they were badly advertised and we had no idea about what times they were or even where they were being held, so we missed all of them! They had lots of venues, photographers, ring makers, and a few dress makers and suit hirers. We got lots and lots of freebies on the day, so I would advise anyone going to take a larger, strong bag!

    I've been told by my photographer thats its very expensive for people to have a stall, and they didn't get that many order's out of it. So i dont know if this year it may be smaller than last year.

    I wouldn't expect to spend the day there, we were round everything, plus chatting to people within about 2 hours. then off for dinner in the village!!!

  • Hi There

    I looked at exhibiting there, but I generally spend at least £600 on flowers and with a £450 plus vat price tag it takes the show to over a grand for me, I need lots of bookings to recoup that is it worth it for m do you think?

    Thanks for the advice

    The Flower Co
  • I've now booked - and confirmed as attending. There was a little email update from the organisers this week saying the Cardiff one that happened last weekend was around 40% up on visitors over last year - so that's positive, although Wales is still an emerging market I think in terms of CP's compared to somewhere like Brighton. (I'm Welsh by the way). It does cost a lot to setup - you're right - £520 for the stand (photographers) then another £200 for the banner I'm planning above, then a couple of additional sample albums on top of that - means that it'll cost me over £1000 to exhibit the day, However it also gets me directly in front of my target audience - so it's a bit of a balance. I need at least 2 bookings to break even on the day I think.

    What's the average spend on a CP booking in terms of flowers FC? I have no idea - but if it's £300 - I'm guessing you'd need at least 5-10 bookings to break even?

    It's a tough call - but I'm going to give it a go - and see what happens (and hope to meet a few members from here if they're attending as well - just to say hi!)

    That's also interesting feedback MrsJoseph2b - I wonder if the organisers got feedback like that from last year - or I wonder if they assumed that everyone thought it was great?
  • Ch-photo - I will look out for you if our tickets come through. Do you have a website? by the way I'd advise against rainbow banners too, I've discarded countless guides and websites because they insist on using 'gY themes' at the weddings, when we just want a traditional classy wedding with 2 brides! So I'd go for something more contemporary. Good luck image
  • Hi Ch Photo,

    They have come back saying they are full for florists!

    hope you have a great show

    take care

    The flower co
  • Seriously we went to the manchester one and there was nothing! No freebies or anything really - am really disappointed and we were soexcited and now thinking we should have gone to Brighton. Oh well most of the planning is done now so hey ho!!

    Hope it goes well for you CH
  • The organizer was quite rude to me so I am almost thankful they were full!

    Take care

    The Flower Co
  • Quoted:
    Seriously we went to the manchester one and there was nothing! No freebies or anything really - am really disappointed and we were soexcited and now thinking we should have gone to Brighton. Oh well most of the planning is done now so hey ho!!

    Hope it goes well for you CH

    Thanks WM image Kind of you to wish us luck image
  • Quoted:
    Hi Ch Photo,

    They have come back saying they are full for florists!

    hope you have a great show

    take care

    The flower co

    Do you only cover Brighton? There's a show in London next March...
  • Quoted:
    The organizer was quite rude to me so I am almost thankful they were full!

    Take care

    The Flower Co

    Really? I found them very friendly - and very helpful - we must have had two different staff members?
  • ah must have caught him on a bad day, never mind!

    Have a great show and thanks for the advice

  • I went to the wedding show in Earl's Court last week, and although it was amazing, the catwalk shows and the freebies, I got fed up that everytime I mentioned it was a gay wedding most of the stands didn't seem to know what to say! Flowers are flowers at the end of the day!

    This is why I'm really looking forward to the Brighton show as I hope it will give me a bit more positive direction!
  • Got plenty sorted so doesn't really seem worthwhile attending a show this year, alhough a CP-centred one would be cool. We did toy with going to the Birmingham National Wedding Show this weekend, but couldn't justify the expense when practially everything is booked/planned.

    We've been to a few smaller ones and generally they've not been very positive about the two brides thing, got a bit frustrating. One dress woman was really pushy and over the top and when we said we wanted our bridesmaids in different colours she interrupted was like "ooh, i know exactly the rainbow colours" we were like eurgh no, trying to get the right two colours!!!

    The rainbow thing is just tack-central in my opinion, I agree with Pikelet, banners need to be a bit more cutting edge. But definitely go with the two dresses brides. Out of the 6 female CPs I've known of outfits have been - 2 x both in non-coordinating non-traditional dresses, 2 x both in traditional dresses, 1 x one in suit, one in beautiful top and trousers, 1 x one in waistcoat suit and one in co-ordinating non-traditional dress. Don't know if that helps!!!?
  • Alessie 22 - if you're dropping by do say hi.... I'm looking forward to it as well... So many people share the same experiences as you have.. I'd have thought the mainstream would have caught on by now....

    Lauraandkate - thanks for the feedback image very helpful... I am waiting for a new piece of software to arrive to help make the photo framing more cutting edge and modern - hope it gets here soon! (Although I'm currently sat here at 4am rebuilding my PC following hard drive failure - good job I back up all photos 3 times isn't it? image )

    I do think the ladies tend to have a great mix of options - not all like the dress - yet not all like the trouser suit. I'm sure the decision as to what to wear has caused many a heated discussion over time image
  • manchester was ACE!!! but i guess if you come away from a wedding show with nothing sorted/found/booked then you'll think it wasnt good I guess ... but we thought it was brilliant! we got invites,, chair covers and feathers for our tables sorted ... found fab cake lady but now cant decide on a design! Cant wait for brighton .. going to make a weekend out of it x
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