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How many of you have written your own vows?

My partner really wants us to write our own vows as she feels it will be more special and more personal and I completely agree except am absolutely hopeless when it comes to writing things like this. Ask me to compose a business letter or write a brief on a aprticular subject and yeah ah can do that no probs but when it comes to writing down how I feel and what I want to say in terms of vows etc my mind just goes blank.... is that bad?

I do know why I love her and that I want to be with her forever but its how do you write that in some vows, I guess I dont even have a clue on where to start, how long I should make them or how short, and I dont want to write something thats going to have me in tears saying it... I am quite an emotional person lol and knowing me I probably would blub in the middle of my vows....

Hmmm or am I just stressing to much about it?????



  • We wanted to write our own then someone on a thread listed theirs that were just perfect. We're not into the chandler nd monica style 'you're my best friend rah rah rah' and they dont seem like vows to us but these are what we like:

    I give you this ring on our wedding day and

    I promise to give you my love and friendship

    To be there for you when you need me most

    To laugh with you, to cry with you

    To confide in you. To trust you

    To comfort you, to support you

    And all that I have I share with you

    I promise to respect you and be faithful always

    These promises I make to you for the rest of my life

    We may have to change the words wedding day to special day as the registrar may not approve of us using the word wedding....hey ho

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