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MrsMalsen 24th April & Shazzell - 22nd May

How did your days go? Any pictures please...!?!


  • WeddingMonsterWeddingMonster Posts: 2,098
    *bump* I the only gay on the forum these days imageimageimage
  • kobiokobio Posts: 14
    I'd like to know how they went too image

    Ours is coming up fast now. 5 weeks tomorrow... so exciting!
  • WeddingMonsterWeddingMonster Posts: 2,098
    Ooh GA-83 ours is 99 days today woohoo! Hows the planning going?
  • reneebreezereneebreeze Posts: 168
    Pictures!!! We want pictures!
  • MrsMalsenMrsMalsen Posts: 34
    Of course I will post some pictures! Our wedding (yes, wedding, not CP, here in Norway!)was on 24 April, in Bergen, Norway. We had a really wonderful day with about 60 guests. I hadn't thought it would be such fun to get married, but I can truthfully say that we had a moving and fun day, as well as an emotionally powerful experience, of course.

    Everything went according to plan, well, except for the best man forgetting the rings in the car image Luckily it only took a couple of minutes for him to fetch them!

    We both wore pale blue dresses, not very bridal as such, but with the hair all done up we did feel very bridal indeed.

  • WeddingMonsterWeddingMonster Posts: 2,098
    oooh lovely ladies! image congratulations xxxx
  • WeddingMonsterWeddingMonster Posts: 2,098
    Mrs_Joseph_2B where are yoooou? You were on 20t June (Im my date thread is correct!!) How did it go my lovely?
  • reneebreezereneebreeze Posts: 168
    Lovely pics!!
  • kobiokobio Posts: 14
    6 days to go now! Getting stupidly exciting - all my other half's family have arrived from the US.

    Our photographers are the lovely 'In The Pink' ladies, so you'll be able to check out some pics on their site before we're back from honeymoon. image
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