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Anyone else?

Hi. My partner and I are having our civil partnership in August 2012. Loving the photos from past weddings but it's very quiet in here! Anybody else planning their cp??


  • Hiya. This is always a quiet thread! I was hoping to have more people having CP's...but hey!

    Im having my CP on 30th July, I cant wait!!!

    Have you got anything sorted yet? image
  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    Hi, glad there is someone else!! We have our venue and photographer booked. That's all so far! Have looked into bands and DJ so trying to make a decision on them. Also trying to decide on our colour scheme! How about you?
  • We're now old marrieds! Our wedding was in June last year and was amazing.

    It goes SO quickly though, all those months of planning and its over in a blink! Enjoy the preparations and excitement. Good luck x
  • Sorry for late reply...this site used to notify you when you have a reply so I was waiting for it!!

    Anyhoo I have the ceremony venue and reception venue sorted! I also have my dress which I got from E-Bay...I saw the design I wanted and they were charging something ridiculous in the shop so I saw the same dress on a chinese shop on E-Bay and it is gorgeous...they ask for all your measurements etc and it fits perfectly!!

    You have loads of time to do that sort of thing.... though it does go very fast!!!xx
  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    Glad to hear your wedding was amazing bailygirls. Would love to see some photos.

    Pink - bet you are getting really excited now. Pleased that you have found your dress. Are you both wearing dresses?
  • I'm an old married too! My wedding was last September but it still feels like yesterday. I know most ladies say that a few months after their wedding they stop thinking about their day but I can honestly say I still think about my day all the time. It really was wonderful. I think thats why I still come on this forum as I'm in denial my day is actually over lol

    What I also find nice is speaking to other people going through a CP as I'm not sure about you but I don't know anyone else who has had one.

    Wishing all you lucky ladies (and gents if there are any!) lots of luck and fun planning your CP. I wish I could have my day again image

  • Hey

    Have you booked your wedding ceremony? I have just had a booking for a civil partnership for next year. They didnt like the standard words the registry office offered and wanted to get married outside. They also wanted to be called wife and wife instead of Civil partners!

    Take a look at my site, you can have a personalised wedding service for relatively the same price as the registrar and it will be so much more meaningful!
  • Hey,

    We are having our CP on the 31st July! It is a shame that there are not more people on here but would be good to talk to others that have or are going through the process! We have booked the venue, evening entertainment, both of us have our dresses, plans are in full operation though I am finding it very difficult to find favours with MRS and MRS or mention of two women! If you have any ideas it would be great if you could share!
  • Google, google and more google!! We found a fab place that make little choccies with personalised wrappers. They're called chocomoo. (Our favours were charity trolley tokens but we sprinkled the chocs all over the tables) x
  • Im wearing a dress and my fiance is wearing a suit- she is not comfortable in a dress and I am def the more feminine out of the two of us!!

    I also find it hard to find MRS and MRS items and all the wedding brochures have straight couples on them I am sick of people asking questions about the 'groom'......sooo annoying!!!!

  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    Haggled - so glad that you have such amazing memories - I hope to have the same!

    Baileygirls - really enjoyed your photos. Definitely looks like an amazing day! Also thanks for the tip on chocomoo, we have just ordered some samples.

    Shoeywest and pink, I agree that it is very hard to find things - and yes we are fed up with people asking who is the bride! LOL!

    We are both wearing a dress. We are both very girlie. Haven't actually started looking yet though! At the moment we are just trying to choose a colour scheme/theme - there is so much choice!
  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    There is a lot to choose from. I would advise to look at a few venues- as sometimes you can get an idea for a theme that way. Once we decided on the colour's, the theme etc kind of fell into place!!!

    I love Ebay for things like favour boxes/cake boxes and I got our son's waistcoat from there which was good....also places like are good....Im on here most days so if you want to chat/swap ideas etc Im up for that!!!x
  • Hi my partner and i are also getting married August 2012.We have put a deposit down on the venue,we have made our own invites and thats pretty much it!!! lots of plans and ideas- seems ages away though!

    would be nice to chat.
  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Juat a thought....maybe we could add ecah other on FB? Seeing as there are only like five of us who are on here!!! image
  • haggiedhaggied Posts: 13
    I'm up for that. Anyone wanting to add me then just private message me your fb add. Pink-1982 I'm going to private message you for add.

    Even though I've had my wedding now, I don't know anyone else who has had a CP so would be good to speak to some other girlies having one!
  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    Good idea Pink. I have messaged you!!
  • haggiedhaggied Posts: 13
    I'm up for that too. Anyone wanting to add me then just message me. I'm now a married lady but would love to speak to other girls going through it!
  • Alessia6Alessia6 Posts: 65
    6, there's now 6!!! We're getting married 18th August.

    Like other people there is alot more out there for straight couples, that I spend my life on google now!
  • 7 now! We're hoping for Feb 2013 (we've only been engaged for about 6 weeks, eek!) so are just in the really early stages of planning!

    There's been some funny times already, we went to a wedding fair a couple of weeks ago and there was a lot of 'Oh you're getting married at the same time, how lovely' followed by us saying 'Um, no, we're getting married *to each other*'.

    Can I ask what you guys are planning/did about bridesmaids/best men? Are you having equal numbers? The same dresses for bridesmaids, how many each? I'm finding the bridesmaid thing a bit stressful as before we got together my fianc????e and I were best friends and in my head she was always the person who would have been my maid of honour but as I'm marrying her she's got a much more special position!!! but it means I'm really unsure about the whole bridal attendant thing and there's nothing in wedding mags about two sets of BMs image

    It'd be really good to chat with people who are in the same sitch!
  • haggiedhaggied Posts: 13
    Congrats on your recent engagement! Exciting times ahead for you. Enjoy the planning!!

    My wife & I had the 'is it a double wedding' and 'oh how nice your having your weddings around the same time' chat too. Some of the faces when we would say 'eh no we are marrying each other!' lol Everyone was nice about it but they were just mortified they had put their foot in it.

    Linsey & I had 3 bridesmaids and they were a mix of my best friend, linseys best friend and a mutual close friend. They wore the same dresses. We had no best man etc as didnt feel we needed one. We gave each bridesmaid different roles at the wedding so it meant someone gave us our rings when saying our vows. Meant no awkwardness about best men. It all worked out well.

    Just do what you feel best as a couple and don't feel you need to follow any guidelines about what you should or should not have at your wedding! You will soon know who you will want involved in your big day image
  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    Congratulations on your engagement futuremrsk-a. I love it when someone asks 'so who's the bride?' and we say 'we both are!!' imageimage So a few of us are now friends on facebook. Anyone else up for that then pm me. image
  • kkc13kkc13 Posts: 28
    Congratulations on your engagement future mrs k-a. I love it when people say 'so who is the bride?' and we say 'we both are!!' imageimage Hope your plans are going well Alessia. We are having 2 bridesmaids - my best friend and partner's sister. Also having my niece as flowergirl and nephews as page boys who will be in charge of the rings! Not having 'best man' as such but may use my brother if needed to do 'jobs!' (haven't actually asked him yet mind you)!! image Some of us are now friends on facebook. If any of you want to join us then pm me.
  • ShoeyWestShoeyWest Posts: 21

    I am not on Facebook otherwise I would of loved to have joined you all! Hope everyones planning is going well mine seems to be really slow. We got engaged over a year ago but only decided to set a date in January, my fiancee was very keen and decided we needed to do it this summer so things have now been a bit of a slow paced rush!

    We have booked our venue, a lovely hall quite local to where we live so people do not have to travel too far, we have brought our dresses, both very girly wedding dresses, one is pink and one is ivory which along with our bridesmaids dresses that we brought from Debenhams which our Fushia have set the colour themes for the wedding! The men our all wearing the same suits which we have ordered with the same colour ties to match the bridesmaids. My sister and niece our bridemaids on my side and on my partners side, her best friend and niece are her bridesmaids, her brother is her best man and my dad is mine. Trying to be a bit traditional!

    We have also booked our honeymoon, we are going to the Moon Palace in Cancun, we choose Cancun as it was the first place we went on holiday to and it is where we really fell in love, we found that they were very Gay friendly as well. For favours we are having two crystals, one ivory and one pink with a wish or fortune in a bag with lavendar. We are having cup cakes instead of cakes and our we are doing a sweet table in the evening as well as a buffet. We have a comedian for the reception, a Lee Evans tribute, we have told him that he can go down the gay theme...after him we have a band on. Our first dance is I'll Stand By You, one of our friends, she is only 10 with the voice of a 20 year old is singing it for us! So much planning left to do. I have ordered some of those chocolates for the sweetie table so thank you, any more ideas would be great...

    Hope you are all well and as excited as I am! x x
  • tmd2btmd2b Posts: 10
    hey ladies,

    we are getting married on 5th Nov this year and have all of the main things organised... venue, outfits, photographer, entertainment and venue decoration are all organised. we were originally having 6 bridesmaid between us but things changed and we have ended up deciding not to bother having any now so a few pennies saved image it is all the small things and the personal details that we need to be organise now.

    I am so excited about it all... I can't believe that in little over 6 months we will be married, we got engaged December '08 so we feel as if we have been planning it for ages.

    it is great to hear from other who are going through the same thing... the never ending questions at wedding fairs of "so who is the bride" and "so are you the bridesmaid" when in the bridal stores searching for my partner's dress. we got some great service at the store where my partner finally purchased her dress and the lady who owns the store was amazing... it was a 1 bride appointment so we were the only people in the whole store and she was so attentive. I am wearing ivory trousers and tartan basque with an ivory bridal coat... as I am not a dress kind of girl the bridal coat is a nice compromise between dress and suit image

    happy organising x
  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad there are more of us out there! It really is good to have others to ask questions to that have been through or are going through it too.

    Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine!!!xx
  • We're to be wed Sept 2012!! Can't contain ourselvesimage xx
  • PavilionBoyPavilionBoy Posts: 18
    Hi all

    Planning my CP for June 2012.

    There is hardly anywhere online to talk to people about it! Hoping here might be good......

    We are planning on Brighton, in The Royal Pavilion for the ceremony, but struggling to find a venue for the reception so far.....
  • hi me and my partner have decided on a date for our wedding august 2016! its quite a way to go yet or is it? are we planning to early? x
  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    I think you can never plan too far ahead when it comes to weddings as there is just so much to do. I had 18months and I remember thinking I was a bit too organised. But to be honest it makes it easier on you in the long run- and then when you get closer to the date, you can spend time on things that bring all the finishing touches! An dyou cant account for things that may go wrong.

    Ive got under a month to go and have most things sorted (though I had a major problem with dress and a new one is on its way as we speak) image
  • thanks its just nice to know that i am not the only one with the opinion that theres a lot to do for a wedding! 5 years is a long time but i think it will pass by so fast!

    and i am sure your dress will look beautiful! x
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