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Ceremony wording advice

Apologies if this has been asked before, but can anyone give me any advice on the wording for our civil partnership? We are both very much looking forward to being fairytale brides and really gutted at the idea we have to use 'partner and partnership' instead of wife, bride,wedding,marriage etc.

Does it depend on the registrar or is using words such as wedding and bride a complete no go? image


  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I'm pretty sure you can write what you like on your invites, but your order of ceremony may have to be tweaked. Check with your registrar - some are stricter than others.
  • I'd like to know the answer to this too!
  • We are in the same boat... know we need to speak to the registrar but think there might be 2 tantrums if they say they will be strict. TBH, if we can't call each other "wife" as part of our wedding (which we will be calling a wedding!), we might go down the celebrant/humanist route.

    Sarahandlauren, what did your registrar say?
  • This was our response from our registry office, doesn't look too promising! It really annoys me that the feeling seems to be 'you can have something but you can't call it a wedding'. Grr. image

    "Hi Sarah.???? Thank you for your email.???? Unfortunately we are unable to use such words for a civil partnership such as wife and marriage but we endeavour to make sure every ceremony is as personal as possible and will try and accommodate any special requests where possible"

    We're going to the open day of our booked venue soon where the registrars have a stand so will try and get a better answer from them in person, if wife and marriage aren't allowed maybe bride/wedding would be, but not holding my breath!
  • Hi all, I've found it can be varied from very extravagant with lots of readings, to quite simple. There are a couple of examples on the internet. Why don't you create your own vows, that way you make them more personal, as quite a lot of the registrars speak has to be a certain way. Good Luck
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Can you call it things like your "ceremony" instead of your "wedding" so you're still using something neutral? Or how about you make up a word, which is like wedding or marriage but say, changes the first letter, or ending part (e.g. "weddage"). Maybe you think this will make it insincere, but there was a couple I knew who sent out invites for their "weddinglike thing"!
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