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Seychelles-gay friendly??

Does anyone know how gay friendly the Seychelles is? We are looking at the traditional villa/over water hut type honeymoons but want to be able to be treated like a couple on honeymoon when we do things such as couples massages and romantic meals!


  • Homosexuality is illegal in the Seychelles, if you go there and are caught out you are subject to their legal proceedings.
  • I was told it's illegal but tolerated, lots of conflicting advice image Would just like a wedding that's called a wedding, be allowed to call my wife my wife, and be able to go on a nice honeymoon! image
  • What about bali?
  • Quoted:
    What about bali?
    Hadn't thought about Bali, thanks! We need somewhere that's suitable to go early July, which is why we ruled out the Maldives, we don't want somewhere 'gay' but want to be able to have romantic meals and not have to pretend we are just friends on holiday together! Will have a look at Bali now!
  • We have decided on Hawaii which ticked all those boxes for us? (as far as we can tell!)
  • evea4evea4 Posts: 6
    Hope you find your perfect place. If your looking for some Stunning wedding images, im an international Photographer and Beauty therapist. Would love to add a Gay wedding to my portfolio.

  • Hey friends,

    Thanks for sharing your valuable tips, I will answer this very carefully: Seychelles is a very relaxed place and has a tolerant and happy going society. I would say that it is couple friendly, as opposed to openly gay friendly, requesting discretion from all of its visitors.

    Nice to meet you

    Darlie hast
  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    Just come across this post, but can see it is quite old! Have you found somewhere? Just thought I would let you know that I went to Maldives at end of June/beginning of July and it was amazing, not sure why you ruled out Maldives (don't know what their 'gay policy' is) but I almost ruled it out due to being told it was 'rainy season'... it rained about 3 times for 5 mins, and was spectacular to see rolling in across the ocean, very romantic!

    Good luck! xxx
  • jean 2jean 2 Posts: 11

    Seychelles is a bit strict with male homosexuals but female homosexuality is legally permissible and decriminalisation has been already proposed. I don't know why they got this setup and I feel it is a bit unfair for the gays. I am not sure if they already approved the decriminalisation but I surely hope they do it for both genders. Well, as for you, you can benefit from this. Go ahead and plan your trip to Seychelles! I'm sure you will enjoy the fabulous views and beaches. - jean

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