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Any Yorkshire couples?


My name is Jenni and I have just started Butterfly Box Events, an Event Management company in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I have over 8 years experience in hospitality management, have arranged events for friends and family including a Civil Partnership and I have completed a Diploma in Event Management.

I am offering my services for free to gain experience working alongside clients...from budget management, sourcing venues and suppliers, liaising with everyone in the run up to the Big Day, hands on tasks such as making invites, favours and doing decorations, guest management and on the day overlook everything from behind the scenes.

So if you are planning your CP in Yorkshire in the next few months please message me with your names and event date so that I can arrange to come and meet with you (either at your home or some where neutral like a cafe).

Thanks, Jenni


  • If it is something you are not interested in...could I please ask why? So that I can re-think my methods image
  • Hi I live in Leeds, I am getting married in December 2012. I have booked the venue...

    And that's as far as I have got. I have lots of creative ideas but kinda feel out of depth.

    Maybe a meeting could be of mutual benefit? Maybe I could pick your brain and get some direction. & maybe you could see what a bride wants in terms of being from a bride perspective in the early stages?

    Just a thought
  • Hi JobeyLou82,

    Sending you a pm image

    Thanks, Jenni
  • Hi I am getting married in 15th June 2013

    I have booked the venue and thats about it.

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