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Equal Marriage Consultation Results - Next Week!!!! Excited!!

Sooo excited that by hopefully this time next week we'll have more of an idea around what will happen with the introduction of equal marriage! Fingers crossed it'll be a full on yes and we'll get an idea around timescales otherwise a move to Scotland will be on the cards sooner rather than later image Article here for those interested image


  • Yay I'm so excited about this too. Was v pleased when civil partnership came in as had a gay friend whose long-term boyfriend died young and the family were horrible about funeral arrangements etc. If they had been able to be civilly partnered (or married - hello equal rights?!) then he could have chosen everything as his boyfriend would have wanted.

  • That happened to my W2Bs friend early this year image They'd been together years, had a house together and had a full on life, but then his partner died suddenly and their family turned on him. They took all the money from his bank account, sorted out the funeral without his input and took items that had joint sentimental value. The even tried to go after the house, but luckily it was all in w2b's friends name. Families can be awful image
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