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Civil Partnerships Abroad

One of my best friends has just got engaged to his boyfriend and they are planning their Civil Partnership. But they really want to host the ceremony abroad, may be a beach ceremony or something.

I was wondering if anyone has come across a company that offers this service?

Danielle xx


  • AnneSukAnneSuk Posts: 46
    This is a tricky one. There are only a limited number of countries which offer a legal equivalent to a civil partnership so you have to pick your country carefully. The Women and Equality Unit's guide to civil partnerships lists the countries which have a legal equivalent to a civil partnership: recognition of same-sex couples overseas

    There are a few companies which have set themselves up organising ceremonies in countries which will be recognised as legally binding in the UK:

    And there is some limited information on the legal side on the pinkweddings site:

    You can also try Stonewall

    Hope this helps! Good luck to your friend and his partner!
  • DSolukDSoluk Posts: 10
    Hi Anne

    Thank you so much for your detailed reply, I was at work with my friend at the time (and checked out the links - naughty naughty!!).

    We checked out the Perfect Gay Honeymoons site and it seems ideal for what Mark is looking for. He's given them a call and they've been really helpful and passed on lots of info.

    So fingers crossed! :\)

    Thanks once again.

    Danielle xx
  • Theres a company in Gran Canaria that specialises in Civil Partnerships and i know of many couples who have had wicked ceremonies arranged by them and have had outstanding and memorable days without any stress as well. They have a website

    I would recomemend to anyone planning a ceremony abroad to deal direct with the wedding planner rather than third parties so that you get exactly what you want
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