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Whats Everyone Wearing?????

Just wondering what everyone else is going to be wearing at their civil partnership. I am going the whole hog and having a big fancy dress, with partner wearing shirt and trousers. Just thought that i would ask around and see what other people are doing.

Am getting 'married' on july 19th next year in a registry office. With notices given, dates booked, it reaaly is starting to come together now, and is no longer just a thought, but is actually happening. I find it hard tombelieve sometimes and think that i am dreaming, until i pinch myself and realise that yes this is all real!!!!!


  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    hey kelly, my girlfriend is undecided as to whether to wear a dress or a suit, dress would be unusual for her but it is a special day so.. I'm wearing a suit, but not bought it yet.

    We gave notice this morning so it's all feeling real now!
  • hi i am getting married next year july 19th too at a civil ceramony at a hotel. it is my second time i am having 2 bridesmaids my daughter and best friend, but have decided to have a proper dress debenhams do nice ones but not choose any yet
  • Hiya kelley - hope everything's going ok! On the question of what to wear, I have really been round the houses. The one thing I was sure of was that I didn't want to wear white, so initially I was planning to just wear a formal dress or bridesmaid's dress. Then I started feeling jealous of all the girls trying on real wedding dresses image so thought about going for a coloured wedding dress. But THEN I couldn't find one I liked in a colour I liked, so I have finally decided to bite the bullet and have a dress made - the advantage of that is that I can design a formal dress which I can jazz up a bit to make it more wedding-y (e.g. with a small detachable train) but I will be able to wear it afterwards as an evening dress. That's the only way I've been able to justify the cost to myself!

    Meanwhile my partner is wearing a white suit, which she acquired with the minimum of fuss on her first shopping trip, I think she's much more sensible! But I didn't want to wear a suit, it would just make me feel as if I was going to the office.

    It's all very traumatic! But lots of fun...

    How is your planning coming along?
  • We're doing the big fancy dress for me (in champagne with peach beading), custom-made suit in matching colours for her - couldn't be more stereotypically butch/femme if we tried. image There won't be any secrecy, either - we'll be attending fittings and things together and dressing each other on the day.
  • ABI1ABI1 Posts: 9

    I'm only recently engaged (18/8/07) but have been with my now fiance for 8 years. Our civil wedding is on Friday 18th July 2008! I can't belive it either.

    I'm going the whole hog if I can too. Have found a dress too - love at first site - but just needs to raise the funds to pay for it!!!

    I'm really looking forward to our civial wedding - something totally different and special to us.

  • I am wearing a purple velvet goth/medieval style dress and my partner is wearing a purple suit/shirt. We both have purple boots. No bridesmaids/pages, but our children will have outfits they can choose themselves. :\)
  • Im waring a white dress, mypartner is waring a white suit
  • Hi,

    We are both wearing purple dresses, designed by the same dress maker but made separately so they will complement each other without matching completely. Sophie doesn't want to see my dress or me to see hers so we will go for seperate fittings as well.
  • Hi all

    Sounds like you all have very specific ideas of how you want to look which is great, there is nothing worse than liking loads of different things and having no idea where to start, like I did!! However, having said that I have now picked 'THE DRESS' if you are interested its this one its called britanya Lynette by Maggie Sottero and I Love it!!!
  • cazingecazinge Posts: 61
    Thats lovely steph, glad you have finally found it!!
  • We are getting married in a hotel in April this year. After thinking we would do things low key, I am wearing the full white dress with our daughters as bridesmaid. It might be second time round but it's the first time for us and equally as important (if not more so) than the first time. Follow your heart.
  • DawnskyukDawnskyuk Posts: 129
    I am wearing the most gorgeous ivory dress and my w2b is wearing a purple kilt with black waistcoat and jacket which I think will look stunning image We're getting CP'd in a hotel in August.
  • _lizzie_uk_lizzie_uk Posts: 7
    We are both wearing traditional wedding dresses - haven't seen w2b's dress (bad luck!) but I know it's a Maggie Sottero x
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