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civil partnership vows


does ne1 no if we can write our own? id love todo it but sure if we can




  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    I'm sure you can, the pack we got from the register office says we can, the hard part is actually doing it! lol
  • AnneSukAnneSuk Posts: 46
    You definitely can - the vows in a CP ceremony are not the legally binding element of the ceremony, so you can say whatever you like (as long as you don't include any religious reference).

    I believe that the only elements that you have to include are a declaration that there is no legal impediment to prevent you forming a partnership, and a declaration that you know what you are committing to by signing the document. The registry office will probably have a form of words that they expect you to use. Other than that you can be as creative as you like!

    Good luck!
  • sweetheart85uksweetheart85uk Posts: 2,037
    woohoo excellent, ive got some ideas, maybe ...

    since the day we set eyes on you i know we would last forever, today im here to show you that my love for you will last forever and from today we will be partners for the rest of our life, i promise i will support you through all the lifes ups and downs and together we will come out as stronger than before, i love you claire. This ring is to show you that we are partners for enternaty.

    Just an idea ...

    vicky xx
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