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So excited, just bought my dress!!!

It's a Sacha James. It was supposed to be £860 but the shop had a massive sale so I got it for a mere £195. YAY! I always was a bargain hunter.

Thankfully didn't have any horror stories when the lady fitting me knew I was gay, she was lovely.

It all seems so real now...



  • AnneSukAnneSuk Posts: 46
    Sounds gorgeous! Do you have a picture?
  • Duet41Duet41 Posts: 11
    Hi Anne

    I don't have a picture but if you go to: the code is D1177.

  • cazingecazinge Posts: 61
    It's gorgeous Duet41! Glad you didn't have any problems with the shop assistant and well done for getting it at such as barginous price!!
  • densterukdensteruk Posts: 14
    Hi Duet

    Your dress is amazing I bet you will look absolutely fab - and well done for getting such a bargain!!! Have a fab day!!
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    That dress is stunning, and what a bargain! When you try on the dress that is YOUR dress, you just know...
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