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Just been to my Fiance's sister's civil partnership wedding at Bedern Hall, York, it was absolutely fantastic the people at Bedern Hall were great with them as they both live in newcastle but they kept in touch, they had the ceremony then signing of register then we went in a different room for a toast and some pic's then back to the main room where they got married and more pic's honestly it was brilliant. His sister and her now wife then got pic's outside the minister which is just round the corner from Bedern Hall, then for reception they had Ye Old Starre Inn who bent over backwards for there every needs, thought i'd let you know as would definetly recommend both places as they were utterly Fantastic.

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  • densterukdensteruk Posts: 14
    Hi Mrs Bridger - I thought it would be rude if no-one replied to you! How nice to see your message.

    Our Civil Partrnership is in Cardiff this coming Sunday - hope it turns out as well as your siter in laws did.

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