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UPDATE: Runrig Scone Palace

Not wedding related in the slightest but ......just wondering if anyone was going to see runrig at Scone Palace tomorrow night? I live on the banks of river tay and have been watching them set up and looks amazing!! I got free tickets so going with my mum and dad (peacekeeper!) and am actually really getting excited. Kinda sad I know! image x

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  • clairenstuclairenstu Posts: 348
    Seen them many moons ago at Stirling Castle! Very good I must admit! I love Loch Lomond song!
  • prominent5prominent5 Posts: 798
    I do love a bit of loch lomond too. It's almost like scotland's national anthem.

    That is the saltire over Stirling castle in my avatar, such a stunning pic (so had to steal it) x
  • clairenstuclairenstu Posts: 348
    Yeah it is agood song, agree, it should be our anthem! lol.

    I thought it was stirling castle, its really nice! I might have to steal your pic too! Like the lights the best!

  • prominent5prominent5 Posts: 798
    Yeah it was a pic my photographer took for St.Andrews day last year. Ended up being used by poppy appeal or something. Can't remember the full story but just love the pic. x
  • clairenstuclairenstu Posts: 348
    yea very nice, a pic to be proud of! image

  • paulat3ukpaulat3uk Posts: 783
    awww i didnt know this was on! arhhh im gutted!

    Husband most fav song ever is loch lommond, i made sure it was the last song of our wedding and honestly iv never seen a happier man! lol he was in his element and plus we got us dancing to it on video! and when i watch it i just get goosepimples! the smile on his face is priceless

    So how was it?

    P xx
  • prominent5prominent5 Posts: 798
    Hi Paula. Haven't been on much so hadn't had time to update. It was amazing! They put on a fantastic show. There were 17.5k people there and everyone was singing and dancing especially at loch lomond.

    We'll be having that at our wedding too, very scottish. x
  • paulat3ukpaulat3uk Posts: 783
    wow that sounds amazing!!

    His 2nd fav band are proclaimers so i requested 500 miles also! lol

    as you can tell he is very proud to be a scot!

    I got him tickets once for proclaimers and called his work in suprise and made sure it was his day of, it was all planned perfect and then he came home and said they had changed his day off so i called them and they said oh yes change or plan!

    so we couldnt go and i had to sell the tickets! was gutted

    defo think if your scottish then it should be at every party and funnily enough it usualy is! lol

    P x
  • prominent5prominent5 Posts: 798
    That is rubbish. I would have been so annoyed if they had done that to me. It's just typical though. You try to be all romantic and full of mystery and they change their shift!

    I only went as my parent wanted to go and they have split up so I went as a peacekeeper but surprisingly they were very amicable. Didn't even need to split them. So glad I went though because it was amazing. x
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Just as an aside, Calum MacDonald used to be a PE teacher at the high school I attended - we all fancied him rotten. That was many, many years ago image
  • prominent5prominent5 Posts: 798
    HaHa skipula. I was so embarassed as my mum is totally in love with one of the guitarists, so sad!! x
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