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Scottish Isles Brides?

Hi ladies,

Are there any other brides from the Scottish isles out there or am I the only one!?



  • gem1982gem1982 Posts: 36
    Hey I'm originally from Shetland so an isles girl but getting married in Aberdeen. Which isle are you from?
  • MrsGauld2BMrsGauld2B Posts: 368
    I'm from Orkney and getting married here too. I see loads of Scottish brides on here but was interested to see who were from the isles. When are you getting married?
  • Hi

    I am from Orkney too- got married here last month! I thought I was the only one from Orkney on this forum image

  • wombat2wombat2 Posts: 151
    im from western isles a wee bit further down!!
  • MrsGauld2BMrsGauld2B Posts: 368
    Hi Selkie,

    You're not the only Orcadian - I didn't think there would be anymore of us on here! Congratulations on your marriage, I hope you had a fantastic wedding day. There have been so many weddings here this summer. I get married in 3 weeks. Hoping for an Indian summer!

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