Church of Scotland - how much does it cost?

How much does it cost to get married in a Church of Scotland church? As far as I can tell from the website you just have to make a donation to the church and that there is no fixed fee. Also, it says that a church of Scotland minister can marry people anywhere. Does this mean that I could get married in my garden if the minister agrees without having a special license? Has anyone else done this?


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    it's costing me £450 to get married in church of scotland , the other minister i spoke to just accepts a donation , i think its up to the minister and yes a minister can marry you anywhere , its at their own discretion

  • It's costing me £600 but that is because it is owned by historic scotland and a donation must be made to them too. Our pricing went as follows:

    Confirmed member of Dunkeld parish - donation

    Resident of dunkeld (where we are getting married) - £250

    Non resident and non parish member - £600.

    It is so different and pretty much at the discretion of the minister. x
  • Ours was donation. I know a retired minister who does weddings at hotels, so they do other locations apart from churchs
  • Thanks for your help. I've actually already booked the minister of my local kirk but didn't want to ask about cost. My sister got married there too but can't remember having to pay anything. My mum thinks they just made a donation. The minister can't marry us in the church itself because there is another wedding there on that day but she said she could marry us at my parents house. I didn't know this was possible as I'd never heard of anyone else doing it. I just wanted to check - obviously the minister wouldn't lie to me but I was worried I'd misunderstood! I was having nightmares about arriving at my wedding day and the minister saying she couldn't marry us! I think it's great that this is possible, I'm just surprised that it's not more common. I now get to get married with a religious ceremony but under a big old beech tree in my garden - it's perfect!
  • Hi me & My Fiance are looking to get married next year in The Church Of Scotland in Largs and we were just wondering how much of a donation it is that you have to make ?? Thank you .

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    Hi, I'm an Elder in The Church of Scotland and way back when I was married in 1991 a donation was required, can't remember how much and probably because it was our family Church it didn't have to be much. Things have changed in the Church of Scotland today and most churches have a set amount, around £200. Are you members of the Church you are getting married in? Best to speak to Minister or Session Clerk. Hope this helps. 

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