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What you having for your first dance?

We both cant agree. He wanted joe cocker you are so beautiful,i wanted rod stewart have I told you lately,then went off it. We both decided al green lets stay together then realised his cousin had that as her first dance in sept so we dont want the same. Im already walking down the aisle to the same as her. Any suggestions?x


  • We're doing Strip the Willow!
  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    We're having The Wonder Of You by Elvis
  • MissLAukMissLAuk Posts: 168
    We're having Oasis 'slide away' acoustic version!x
  • We are the same as annamary, we are doing the walkthrough as our first dance and then get everyone else to join in for the actual dance!!
  • WeeTrixiWeeTrixi Posts: 215
    We're having Love & Marriage by Frank Sinatra or Burning Love by Elvis....we don't want anything too soppy and we'd like it to be memorable. lol

    Amanda xx
  • WeeTrixi, we had decided on Everything by Michael Buble but Burning Love is one of my favourite songs (Lilo and Stich has a lot to answer for! image )

    We're now torn between the 2 so may have a first and second dance!


    Woops! Edited to say sorry for crashing your scottish thread!

    (Note to self : Read things properly in future!) image

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  • WeeTrixiWeeTrixi Posts: 215
    You can crash away! All welcome! lol

    I love burning love aswell....will get everyone dancing I think!!
  • hi!

    we are havingg lucky by Jason Mraz.... the words are luuuuuurvly! xx

  • Hehe! Thanks WeeTrixi! image

    My mum's Scottish so I don't feel too bad! image

    The song is just so happy and I don't think anyone would be able to sit it out!


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  • We're having Jack Johnson - Better Together - reminds us of the first year we were together x
  • we have quite a few that are slow but think we want something thats more upbeat so think its gonna maybe be the proclaimers 'life with u'. brings that scottish touch to it too.

  • I think we're gonna have either Better Together (snap Sazza1!) or Stand By Me by Ben E King. But I'm really liking the idea of Everything by Michael Buble, good shout Jojo! But I really fancy Michael Buble so not sure if my other half will agree to that...!
  • kwn_32kwn_32 Posts: 178
    We're having 'Nothing else matters' by Metallica (the S&M version)! Followed by 'Mr Brightside' by the Killers x
  • It's a toss up between Amazed by Lonestar and Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams. My h2b hates the Lonestar song and I doubt I'll change his mind so think it's going to be Bryan Adams lol.
  • We're thinking of At Last by Etta James, or the version sung by Adele (on Ugly Betty this week!!). Going to have a few dance lessons before so not shuffling around - both pretty rubbish dancers! x
  • We are between a few, I always wanted Al Green Lets Stay Together, but we also like Bread - Make it With You, lovely lyrics....And then...! We also like Frank Sinatra - Got You Under My Skin and our wedding singer is a very Michael Buble/Frank Sinatra esque style so the Sinatra one would probably suit him best!xx
  • I had take that - greatest day x
  • ffairyffairy Posts: 164
    i am having either rod stewart for the first time or meatloaf i'd lie for you, i will have one as first dance and other for walking down the ailse don't know which for which yet though
  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    Gordon really isn't much of a dancer and doesn't feel comfortable dancing but we are both musicians so I am composing a song and instead of a first dance we are going to play our song together him on guitar and me on either clarinet, violin or saxophone, I'm not sure which yet.
  • Quoted:
    I had take that - greatest day x

    Excellent choice for first dance and perfect lyrics for a wedding. We were considering it but as we aren't great dancers and song gets faster in parts thought we better stick to somethng very slow, lol.
  • We had WIll Young's "All time love" apparently we had grown men in tears whilst we did our dance !

  • Hi ladies,

    Think we have finally decided on Shania Twain, From This Moment

    Words are perfect - were having a routine to our dance which will make it even more perfect!!

  • Hey ladies

    We are having I'm yours by Jason Mraz - slower acoustic version. We love it and words are perfect x
  • Hey everyone we are either having Paolo Nutini Last Request or Jack Johnson's Better Together imageimageimage
  • We're having Kings of Leon, Use Somebody! Can't wait! Don't know exactly how we'll dance 2 it yet! LOL!
  • We are having Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston "When you believe" Does that sound like a rubbish 1st dance song?

    When we first met, Leon Won xfactor with this song and i had it on repeat all the time so it reminds us of when we starting going out. We thought the Mariah version was nicer for a wedding though!

    What do you think? Di x
  • SusanG2BSusanG2B Posts: 219
    We can;t decide on our first dance yet. I'd like Tim McGraw "My Best Friend" cause the words are beautiful but he wants Elton John's "Something about the way you look tonight". so hard to choose!
  • Quoted:
    We had WIll Young's "All time love" apparently we had grown men in tears whilst we did our dance !
    I absolutely love this song. I went to see Will in Harrogate a few weeks ago and it had me in tears! So might be a contender for the 1st dance at our wedding, I also love Coldplay - Yellow, and Kings of Leon On Call.
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    we had ' your the best thing that ever happened to me' by Paul Weller.....

    its so hard as we changed our minds so many times but always came back to this..
  • think am going to have hold on michael buble then up where we belong by joe cocker, but still undecided!!!!
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