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Finally a piccie of me in my dress!

I have had my dress for almost 4 years - loooong story but I finally have pics.

As you can probably see I can't quite get it zipped up but planning on losing a stone before the wedding in July. Tried to cover up the gaping hole in the side as much as possible.

Also decided I need a hoop to give it a bit of shape.

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  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Remember ladies - it isn't a great fit just now and obviously once i lose weight the waist part will sit lower and I will look less stumpy.

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  • your dress looks gorgeous !!
  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    Awwww you look fantastic, I love love love your dress. The detail at the waist really gives you a great shape.
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Thanks girlies.

    The waist is sitting a bit high jst now due to my apple tummy lol but that will be shifted asap.

  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    This is going to sound a really stupid question but does it zip up the side? Is that unusual for wedding dresses or did I just not look at enough dresses when I was buying mine? Don't remember seeing any that didn't fasten up the back.
  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    p.s I think I missed your "apple tummy" let me go get my magnifying glass lol.
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Lol - I tend to carry my weight in my tum - the whole dress is sitting too high because my tum is a bit too big meaning it won't zip up the side because it's all askew - stupid dress, I swear it's a male lol..

    Yeh it is a side zip - I didn't try on any other dresses so I never realised it was unusual hehe.

    Should have gone for a frigging corset back -silly me.

  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    lol, really I would be happy to be your size by my wedding day!!! After 2 kids my body is lovely and distorted. haha.

    So did you try on your dress and just know it was "the one" how cool!!! It's like dress fate image
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Aww - but I bet they are so worth it - I am getting broody as hell.

    I am not totally unhappy with my size - but I was about 10lbs lighter when I bought the dress which does present me with a problem lol.

    I went to a wedding show with my mum not long after we got engaged. We hadn't even set a date yet - just scoping out venues and went to a show at Lodge on the Loch at Loch Lomond.

    I saw that dress and said it looked pretty and my mum convinced me to try it on - I totally fell in love and it was reduced from £999 to £299 - when the woman said she would give me a further discount if I took it that day my mum just grabbed it lol.

    Ended up getting it for £200 plus shoes, veil and a tiara of my choice. The piccies don't do it justice - it's a bit out of shape coz it's been in a vaccuum bag for the best part of 4 years lol but once I get a hoop and everything it will sit properly.

    Just had a swatch at your dress - it looks stunning.

  • xmhairixxmhairix Posts: 563
    omg you got such a bargain, I am soo jelous haha. Mine was reduced from 1300 to 499 and I thought I'd done well with that.

    You must be so excited finally getting to wear your dress, I'd have lost patience if I had, had it for so long and not been able to wear it.

    If that is how your dress looks on a bad day then it's gunna be amazing on your wedding day and it won't matter how drunk you get and how much rolling around the floor you do it'll look great image
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