Ceilidh Band/Disco combo - help!


Just looking for advice/recommendations if possible - we're looking to have a ceilidh band do about an hour at our wedding and the rest be done by a DJ. Am thinking the DJ could do a disco for an hour at the start, then ceilidh for an hour, then back to disco for the rest of the night.

I just wasn't sure whether a ceilidh band would be willing to only do an hour, and whether I would have to book them separately or if there are ceilidh bands and DJ's that work together to make things easier...

Would be utterly fab if any of you could help or recommend anyone, thanks heaps! image


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    My band switch do a ceilidh for about half an hour, they are a 2 people band, one playing guitar and the other the keyboard, they both sing. You can find them on www.hireaband.co.uk £650
  • suziem21suziem21 Posts: 735
    Meant to say one of them plays the fiddle but they do normal wedding music for most the night and just the cailidh for a wee while
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    mine is a disco who does a celeidh aswell, he isnt a band tho

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    I have booked Coila at £740. They are an excellent ceilidh band (they have their own CD out!) and they will do the first 2 hours of the reception and then leave. They work alongside a professional DJ from Sunset Disco who will be there the whole night so he will do our first dance and then do a 2 hour disco after the ceilidh band leave. The advantage of this is that you get a professional ceilidh band and a professional disco with all the equipment needed. You can also get ceilidh bands who will run a disco through their sound system from an Ipod. They claim to be just as good as a professional DJ and I am sure in many cases they will be. Thistle Dubh and The Reel Fling are examples of this and they were both very helpful when I spoke to them. Personally I don't think an hour long ceilidh is enough. Depending on how keen you guests are it can take a while to explain the steps etc and so you may only get 5 or so dances in this time. If someone pops to the loo or goes for a drink they might miss a significant amount of the ceilidh and you may find people will be really getting into the swing of things and then you change it to a disco! I was also advised by all the ceilidh bands I spoke to that mixing up Ceilidh and disco (i.e. switching from one to the other and back again) generally doesn't work and that ceilidh first followed by disco is the best option. If you go for a separate ceilidh band and DJ like I am you are paying the ceilidh band for the hours they play and since they will need to set up their instruments and tune etc before your guests get into the room they will have to be present from the start of the reception. This means that you would be paying for an hour of their time that they aren't playing if you wanted an hour of disco first. Your DJ also has to be there from the start of the reception in order to set up his equipment. I hope that makes sense! Oh dear this is quite a long reply!!

  • Thanks for all your replies, much appreciated!

    Mrs Davies - thanks so much for that, you've really helped. I've kinda been going between Thistle Dbhu and Coila - see the £740 you're paying for Coila, does that cover the ceilidh band AND the DJ (i.e. £740 all in)?

    I'm glad you've said that you're having the DJ do your first dance - that was what I was wanting and wasn't sure if it would be possible, so that's kinda put my mind at ease.

    Oh decisions decisions!!!
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    Im having the Dram'n'Bass Ceilidh Band who do a mix of ceilidh and disco - in whatever order you want. They take all the proper disco equipment (lights etc) Im having them as a 3 piece - only cost £625 which I think is pretty good compared to some quotes I got


  • Hi Donna, thanks for that recommendation - am gonna go and contact them now. Cheers! image
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    Yes the £740 is for the whole thing and they didn't require a deposit. You just give them cash at the end of the night split into 2 envelopes. I reckon you could do a bit of a deal too. The band was one of the first things I booked and I didn't even think about asking for a discount. I have got a discount on everything I have booked since so it's worth a try, I reckon you might get it for around £700. Those were the 2 I narrowed it down to aswell (I got a quote of £695 for Thitle Dubh). I knew I wanted a fiddler and both bands have one, but in the end I thought having a professional DJ seemed like getting a better deal. Yes having my first dance by a DJ was really important to me too but as the DJ has to be set up before your guests arrive this is no problem. When Coila come on after your first dance is over they ask the bride and groom to start off the first ceilidh dance so it's like having a second first dance! The other thing I liked about Coila is that they are a proper band and have played together for years and years. Most other 'bands' I contacted admitted that they have several members trained for each instrument and it's just whoever is free on the day. Coila were also very friendly, as were Thitle Dubh too. My friend had Thistle Dubh (I didn't know her when she got married) and she said they were excellent. It's a tough one! I'd say phone them cz you can usually get a good feeling about them by how they talk to you. I'm arranging my wedding from London so with all the suppliers I've contacted them by email to get all the details and then phoned my favourites and worked out who was the nicest!! When do you get married, and where?? Hehe, I'm just nosey!


  • You're an utter star, thanks heaps for all this! And good shout asking for discounts, I hadn't thought of that...!

    I'm getting married in Pollokshields Burgh Hall in Glasgow on 3rd December 2011 - aaaaaages away! How about you? How are you finding organising it from so far away?! xxx
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    I know it's annoying when people say this but it will fly by! And a Christmassy wedding will be lovely! Ours is 5th June 2011 and it's been booked since August last year. I don't know where the time is going! Ours is at the Brig O'Doon in Alloway. Organising has been really fun. All my family are still in Scotland so everytime I go up to visit I make sure I tick something off the list! All the big things are done apart from my dress which I'm going to do when I'm up in May, very excited!! My uncle helps organise events at the Pollockshields Burgh Hall! You've maybe come across him!

    Well all the best with the planning and let us know which band you go for. If you need any more info about bands, or anything else let me know, I'm a bit of a control freak and do loads of research so I'm a great source of knowledge of all suppliers in and around Glasgow/ Ayrshire!!

  • Oh I'm going to the evening reception of a wedding at Brig O'Doon at the end of May - shall let you know how it goes! How do I PM or e-mail you, just to save me going on and on here, I can't see any buttons on this new forum to do that, argh!
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    Have you used the 'other' site? Here's the link below:


    If you find me on there under the Scottish brides forum (there's a few posts by me, my username is EmmaDavies2b) you can email me from there. Sorry bit of a faff but don't want to broadcast my email on this thing! I hate this new site image

    Can't wait to hear how the reception goes!

  • Hi, I know your posts are from quite a while ago but I wondered how it all went? Did it work the way you wanted?

    We are hoping to have a ceilidh band at our wedding as my fiance is self-conscious and doesn't like dancing, plus it is great fun and gets everyone involved!

    However, I like the idea of having the first dance to 'our song' and having that memory if you hear it on the radio etc.

    But won't it be a bit forced to play the one song and then switch straight to the ceilidh? When did you cut your cakes?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    We had a ceilidh / disco combo. We had our proper first dance with the ceilidh as we did not want a traditional slushy dance (and we don't have 'a song' as such)

    But when the disco started we asked for it to start with a particular song and we ended up having a bit of a slow dance to that by ourselves. By that point in the day we were a lot more relaxed and didn't mind all eyes on us.

    We forgot to cut our cake....the venue cut it for us before we did and the venue gave us this chocolate tart thing to cut as my mum made a big fuss (hubby and I hadn't noticed we had not cut the cake)


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