shoe dyeing service - aberdeen

hey ladies just wondering if anyone knows where i could get my bridesmaids shoes dyed in or around Aberdeen?

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  • Mrs_LMrs_L Posts: 7
    I think Brides Delight on Rosemount does it. I'm not sure of anywhere else though.
  • flf2bflf2b Posts: 647
    Hi there!

    There is a dancewear shop in The Galleria who I believe do dyeing and also someone in Bridge of Don (can't remember her no but it was mentioned a few months ago in the Evening Express).

    My bridesmaid sent her shoes off to The Accessory Boutique and the have made a brilliant job of them. I think they also offer a dyeing service if you haven't bought shoes directly from them.

    Hope this helps image
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    Perfect Bridal do shoe dying too x
  • The lady in B.O.D was advertising in the EE the other night, my MIL cut it out for me, but I already have mine done.. I can get the number for you, think the lady's name is Doreen something... xx
  • Thank you so much ladies that has given me something to go at, mrsbuchantobe if you do have that number it would be very much appreciated image
  • Does anyone have the number for the lady in Bridge of Don who dyes shoes?  Thank you.

  • T6T6 Posts: 1

    Could someoneplease give me the number of the lady in Bridge of Don please. Thanks

  • whiteenwhiteen Posts: 3

    I would like the number of the lady in BODwho dyes satin shoes please.

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