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This thing used to allow you to personal message people but don't know how to do it anymore!

I'm so excited to hear from a fellow Brig O'Doon bride! For such a popular venue I'm always surprised not to see more brides on here. The time is flying by isn't it?! Before we know it our days will be here! Are you all organised? My mum's side are from Ayrshire and when we saw it we knew it was the perfect venue! I'd love to live nearby so I could visit. I've only been twice and have forgotten so much about it! Do you happen to know if the wedding coordinator Jane is still around? I noticed Kari is mentioned on their new website, not Jane. She was one of the many reasons we chose the venue so I'd be a bit gutted if she has left!

Anyway keep intouch and let me know how your plans are going! There is at least one other current Brig O'Doon bride on here (an old school friend of mine!) who is getting married 4 weeks before me so we should all help each other out!

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