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Bridal Shoes! Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin etc

Hi Ladies!

Any ideas where I can get some designer Bridal Shoes in the Glasgow area or any good websites that I could look at? House of Frasers didn't have much choice when I was in a few weeks ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! image


  • Jenda1Jenda1 Posts: 1,350
    i second this! i did come across a website, cinderella-me, where u can hire them but i want to buy some! x
  • try, it's like designer shoe heaven.Got myself a pair of YSL's for the grand sum of £65.

    Hope it helps

  • Were the shoes from ioffer ok? Had a look on the site there, and it looks too good to be true! Presuming they're all a bit knock off, but if they're a fraction of the cost, not sure I mind!
  • Jill555Jill555 Posts: 21
    I agree House of Fraser doesn't have much choice. I got mine from the Jimmy Choo website - they have a bridal section.
  • Browns bridal have lots, thats where i got my Loubs
  • Clarabel where is Browns Bridal?

    Thanks for all your replies!
  • mrsdcr2bmrsdcr2b Posts: 392
    Check out this site - quite a few ideas on bridal shoes. Love these ones...

  • There are shops in Edinburgh that stock the designer brands although I'm unsure about their bridal ranges (these are probably easier to buy direct from the designer or from a supplier listed on their website). In Edinburgh there is of course Harvey Nics and all the designer shops on Multrees Walk (just beside HNs). There are also designer boutiques on Thistle St, one of which is a designer shoe shop that stocks CLs and JCs. Hope that helps a bit!
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