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I've found my dress :D Better late than never!!

I am sooooooooo excited!! I have found my dress imageimage

I went to Sarah Louise Bridal about 2 months ago and tried on some dresses. Although i went in with a very strong idea of what i wanted i walked out overwhelmed that i'd tried on dresses that were much bigger and much fussier than what i wanted! I was very confused! So i decided to go away and think about it and not go dress shopping for a while. So a few weeks ago i saw a similar dress to what i had tried on in Sarah Louise Bridal on the internet by the same designer and i fell in love with it! i called around the maggie stockist near me to see if they had it so i could try it on. Finally i managed to find one in Dundee and even though it was miles away i was really excited. So i went there on saturday. (Diane Lynn on Bank Street) When i tried on the dress i liked it but it wasn't like "wow" and it wasn't really flattering to my shape, it wasnt unflattering but it really made me feel like i had lots more to loose before i could wear it (and my wedding is next may!!) So anyway the LOVELY shop assistant said they had a new maggie dress in and she wanted to see someone in it so i said i would try it on for her even although i thought it was too fitted at the top and was gonna be really unflattering and it was too plain. When i put it on OH MY GAWD! lol it was absolutly amazing! then the lady pulled the curtain back and my mum was shocked, she said "That's the dress!!!" lol and i knew it was, it was gorgeous and it was really flattering and i thought to myself, if i was to get married tomorrow and wear this dress i would feel a million dollars! image So unfortunetly i wasnt able to order it in the dundee shop cos its just too far away for me to go to fittings, i have now spoken to sarah louise bridal and i will be ordering it next month (wanted to wait as long as possible so i can get measured since im loosing weight).

Anyway i would HIGHLY recommend Dianne Lynn in Dundee because if it wasnt for the shop assistant then i wouldnt have my dress! And she made me feel soooo comfortable and she was very much about good service and "If you order from us.." no pressure at all.

The dress is Maggie Sottero Emily by the way image

Sorry for the rant! Just really excited now image


  • anjcanjc Posts: 182
    Well done image Just had a look and wow what a gorgeous dress! You must be chuffed. I made the mistake of ordering a dress in January far too quickly (im a May bride too!) and have now just ordered my second dress as i changed my mind. I know now that this is the way i should have felt the first time. Oh well got there in the end image xx

  • aww well lets see ur old and new dress then!!
  • anjcanjc Posts: 182
    Well originally i went for a big tulle dress so had madeline gardner elvira which is this one:

    but realised its not really me, its what i thought i should have so ive gone for this one, which is a lot simpler but i think it suits my body shape soo much more. Its Mori Lee 2504 in white:

  • Laura..... I have tried on Emily by MS its georgous one of my fav's....found it in Fine Things Bridal in Port Glasgow, can't decide betweem that one and 2 others ...need to go back and try them again....
  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    Wow just had a look at Maggie Sottero Emily and it's gorgeous! Congratulations! image
  • Yeh it really is stunning i cant believe it!! i was really worried about the one i went all the way to dundee for (maggie sottero cambria marie) because it was not what i thought my h2b would like but i know he will like the emily one image.

    anjc78 your dress is beautiful!!!! Congrats image

    Ladysu1 what other ones is it u like? yeh go back and try them on again - maybe with more opinions?

  • also loved Megan and brittany...they are all different but georgous...
  • just had a look there i can see why u like those aswell, they are really nice... I never tried those on but i just luuuuuuurv emily!!! good luck hope u get ur dream dress x
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