inexpensive but good hairdresser/make up artist recommendations glasgow?

looking for a hairdresser and make up artist on a budget in glasgow. thought of going to frasers to get make up done in Mac-they do makeovers with the cost being redeemable against makeup-does anyone know if this is possible or has anyone done this?


  • can anyone help?
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695

    I'm only just married and can not recommed Mandy @ Celtic Beauty enough. She's fabulous and for what she did for us I would have expected to pay about double in a shop.

    If you want, she has a website:

    her e-mail address is on there too.

    I hope that this helps! She really was fabulous with us!!

  • hi AlyBall, i checked out her website,it all looks great! do you know if she comes to glasgow?

    thanks so much for sharing xx
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