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where to buy white bridal shoes?


does anyone know where i can get white bridal shoes? Cant find any i like, the ones i do like are all ivory


  • anjcanjc Posts: 182
    Hiya, im having exactly the same problem! My dress is white too and i definately cant find any in any of the high street stores. Think i'll have to order some online but i hate the thought of doing that because i can be a bit of an awkward fit at times. Even then most of the ones i like would have to be bleached white at an extra cost. The only other option would be to wear a coloured shoe - which a lot of brides seem to be doing now.

    Ive been looking at this website

    They do have some which come in white without being dyed.

    Good luck.xx Oh and let me know if you find any nice ones image
  • try the west end wedding boutique. in whiteinch..... they have a great selection
  • thanx ladies xx
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