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Bridesmaid Colour ideas

Hi Girls.... really looking for advice please. My H2B's kilt is mainly red with bits of blue, green and yellow..... I just can't decide what colour to have my girls to compliment his tartan.... and nice ideas or pics you could share would be really appreciated (this is my biggest stress at the minute lol ) x


  • How about red and gold?

    My dress was a light gold so flowergirls and hubby's tie were gold, and bridesmaid and the other men had blue. I really liked the combination.

    If you look in my topics, there are some photos - I'm on my phone so can't post them just now xx
  • What about a blue dress with a red sash, or a yellow dress with a blue sash? You could just choose a single coloured dress, and accessorise it with one of the other colours?

    Have you decided which flowers you are having? Maybe you could tie the flowers in with his kilt, and use your BM's dresses to compliment both?
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