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Looking for reading or poem!!

My seven year old son has asked if he can do something else at our wedding, he is giving me away with his grandad but says he would like to do something else. I thought of him maybe reading something at the ceromony but have no idea what!!! All help gratefully recieved!!! Also let me know if you think it is a good idea or not x


  • That's a really nice idea, there are loads of website with suggestions for readings long and short, depending on what you think he would want to read, only thing I would say, obviously not knowing your son, i'm sure if he wants to do it he will, but just incase, like with our flowergirl we're not specifically mentioning her poem, so on the day if it is all a bit much she doesn't have to do it and no one will know.

    Hope he finds something he wants to read, think it is lovely that he has asked! Bet your dead proud! x
  • dj2383dj2383 Posts: 162
    Thank you!! I am having a wee look just now there is so much it's quite hard xx
  • These are two that i like so thought would share with you image

    The Day

    May this be the start of a happy new life

    That's full of special moments to share

    May this be the first of your dreams come true

    And of hope that will always be there...

    May this be the start of a lifetime of trust

    And of caring that's just now begun...

    May today be a day that you'll always remember

    The day when your hearts become one...

    The One

    When the one whose hand you're holding

    Is the one one who holds your heart

    When the one whose eyes you gaze into

    Gives your hopes and dreams their start,

    When the one you think of first and last

    Is the one who holds you tight,

    And the things you plan together

    Make the whole world seem just right,

    When the one whom you believe in

    puts their faith and trust in you,

    You've found the one and only love

    You'll share your whole life through.

  • dj2383dj2383 Posts: 162
    They are both lovely and not too long!! Thank you xx
  • Hello,

    could your son make up something himself (well, obviously with a little bit of help!), something about how he feels about it all?? That would also probably be easy for him to read, as he's have composed it himself.
  • Errol75Errol75 Posts: 40
    That's really sweet of him. I'm sure no matter what he says, he will steal the show! I like the wee saying that I've pasted below (in Scots and in English). Not sure what type of wedding you are having but if he just wants to say something short maybe he could say grace before the meal? Burns' Selkirk Grace (Some hae meat... etc) is always a favourite.

    In Scots:

    Where'er ye bide in the world sae wide,

    We wish ye a neuk on the sunny side,

    Wi' muckle o' love and little o' care,

    A wee bit pursie wi' siller to spare,

    Yer ain wee ingle when day is spent,

    In a wee bit housie wi' hearts content.

    In English:

    Wherever you live in the world so wide,

    We wish you a nook on the sunny side,

    With much love and little care,

    A little purse with money to spare,

    Your own little hearth when day is spent,

    In a little house with hearts content.

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