Bunchrew House Hotel Brides

Hey thought i would start a Bunchrew thread as I see there is a couple of us! and Q & A's were getting hard to find!

Littlejemma - The venue is stunning and the staff are amazing I have not found one fault with them yet! Would definatly recommend them so far!

Linzi-mac - I have been quoted £130 per room based on two sharing. We have our official meeting in may to discuss menu's and finner details. Although we was up a couple of weeks ago for my mum's birthday and asked a fair few questions then!

MrsMcG2011 - Maximum numbers for the day guests is 92 and evening is 150 (Including day guests) We are having between 80 & 90 for through the day.

Hi anyone else who is getting married there!

I would definetly recommend this venue so far they have been so helpfull to me so far!

Everyone keep there fingers crossed for nice weather we are getting married under the "Loving Tree"!!!


  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    getting married there on 26th Nov. And i hope to get married under the loving tree too!! haha, i dont care if its cold, if its dry then we are outside.

    Going there for lunch next weekend with my Mum after a wedding fayre. cant wait and never sampled the food there before.
  • MrsMcG2011MrsMcG2011 Posts: 106
    Linzi_mac - Where's the wedding fayre? If it's nr Inverness I'd love to know so that my h2b and I can go along.

    MrsMerson2b - thanks for the info, do you know if the 90 day guests include children? If it does then it won't be possible but if not then we might manage. Would love to be able to consider it as the pics/website look amazing.
  • HI Ladies,

    There is a Wedding Fair at Eden Courst Theatre in Inverness on Sun 3rd April. I can't make it, but hoping OH can go to pick up leaflets/info/inspiration. Not that we need any leaflets!

    I think there is also an evening wedding fair at the Newton in Nairn some point next week. I came across it advertised yeterday somewhere.

    Fongers crossed for nice weather for you!! Are any of planning to have like a white carpet and one of those mini like white canpoy type covers, you know to set the scene outside. I'm not sure if what i describe has a proper name, but I've seen it in pictures and quite keen to get a set up like it. image

  • MrsMcG2011 the 90 day guests is based on seating capacity in the main dining area but they do have another room they can set up for children if you're planning on having a creche.
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    linzi_mac - The food there is amazing we have been twice now and have no complaints we had a baileys chocolate cheesecake for pudding and thats what won us over to book the venue hahaha :P

    Wow 26th of November, if last years anything to go by you could have snow!! have seen photos of Bunchrew in the snow and it looks amazing!

    LittleGemma - there is a wedding fair at the Newton hotel them and wedding daze have organised it, which is where I got my dress from, think they are planning a fashion show too!

    We did think about having a white carpet but then it was mentioned what if it has rained before and the grass is muddy, muddy foot prints wouldn't be a good look! As my dad owns a funiture/ carpet shop i am fortunate to have my pick and have found a black carpet with silver specs through it....looks nicer that what i can explain! We are also having chair covers with silver sashes and dusky pink roses so think it will all tie in together!

    My Fiance at the moment is looking into getting a arch for the top which we would decorate with flowers & ivy or something similar.
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    I have seen a wedding there where they decorated the tree instead of having an arch. and it was GORGEOUS! They hung little wicker hearts and candles from the tree at different heights. Really looked good.

    I have got wicker hearts that I am gonna spray paint silver and put some flowers through for the fireplace in that will be behind us in the dining room.

    I'm going to the fayre at the Newton too, already have my dress from wedding Daze but there are a few florists gonna be there, 2 of which I am awaiting quotes from!

    I do hope there is a little bit of snow, not so much that people can make it though like last year!
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    oh, has anybody got a different drinks package? we are doing speeches before the meal, so people will have had their welcome drink, then will have just sit down with a half bottle of wine. So we really dont think they need another glass of something for the toast! so going to ask them if we can forget about the last drink to get the price down a bit too!
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    Thats a good idea about decorating the tree will have to look into that, its my fiance that really wants the arch so leaving this bit up to him.

    Wedding daze are amazing arn't they? they were the second shop i went to, to try on dresses and they were that nice to me I didn't want to go anywhere else! what dress have you gone for? I have Ronald Joyce Livia, in blush pink! it came in a couple of weeks ago and Lydsey managed to fit me in the next day to try it on! Have my first fitting a week saturday for the alterations, can't wait to put it on again!

    I know what you mean about the snow a light covering would be lovely image but not too much to ruin your day!

    We are still to discuss the drinks package with them and would idealy like to get it down a lot, we are not keen on putting wine on the tables as we know our family and friends are not all wine drinkers, instead we would just like to offer everyone a drink of their choice and a welcome drink.

    How you getting on with the rest of your planning all coming together now?
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    i tried on Ronald Joyce "love" and it made it to my final 3. I just loved it, but the back couldnt be changed and i really wanted a lace up back. I went for Benjamin Roberts 2001 (the photo on the website looks horrible!!) but its really really nice and I cant wait to go back and try it on again.

    Where are you getting your alterations done? They gave me a card for the lady across the street, but I aint contacted her yet. I have 3 bridesmaids to get fitted too!

    we should all let each other know of how much we are getting Bunchrew down in price on things, can help each other get the best deals! I'm hoping to at least sort out the room prices when I am there next week. They quoted me £150 for end of November?? bit high me thinks.

    rest of planning is going well, got most things done. Awaiting quotes from florists then that will be done too. Hair and make-up will be next. Got a trial with Shelley from Perfect10 in June and will probably use Ego for the hair, as they quoted me £146 for 5 of us in the salon in the morning! Did want somebody to come to Bunchrew, but at that price I cant really argue!
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    I can imagine it would look stunning on! I really wanted a dress in pink so when i went there I asked Lindsey to let me try all dresses that come in pink when she showed me Livia I said I won't like it but will try it on anyway! when i put it on I was blown away I couldn't beleive how perfect it was!

    I am getting my alterations done down the road a bit Lindsey recommended her to me something stitches can't remember the name. Saw some of the MOB dresses she had made and they were stunning, she was unable to give me a price though untill she had seen the material. i have 4 bridesmaid so hoping its not too steep!

    i think that is far too high for November accomodation seeing as i have been quoted £130! you would think November would be cheaper!

    How many guests are you having? so far we are top numbers!

    We have a friend doing our flowers as she is a florist image For hair I have booked Halo, think we are roughly £30 -£40 a head so not too bad and my SIL 2B will be doing everyones make-up for me as she is a beutition.

    Do you stay in inverness? I'm in Keith so a bit of a travel and was finding it harder than i first thought finding suppliers that far away! but think I am all set now thankfully image

    Have my meeting with Bunchrew in May so will find out a bit more about prices then, its all very vague untill you decide what you actually want, so not easy bugeting!
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    Hey Linzi_mac just realised on anouther thread that you are using the same chair company as me too!

    Same Venue

    Same Dress Shop

    Same Chair cover company!

    Thank god we don't have the same dates hahaha!!
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    hey MrsM, had my lunch at Bunchrew today. It was really really good, especially the blueberry and guava creme brulee.

    There was no guests staying either so they said just to go and nosey in all the rooms as my Mum had never seen the place. Saw the Mackay suite for the first time, think we will use that as the bridal suite instead of the lovat room. We are getting ready in the Craigton suite though, but Mum is having that.

    Also met the new managers. I didnt realise it had been taken over. They are a young couple, and the girls Dad are going to give them a year and see if they can make a go of it and if so he is going to buy the place for them!

    The place looked beautiful today, blue sky and sunshine.

    Also found out they have taken a provisional wedding booking for the day before my wedding so I cant stay the night before as all the rooms will be kept for that wedding. But they said there is a store room upstairs that I can use to take all my stuff there a few days before the wedding so that I dont have to worry about getting it all there on the morning of my wedding. So one less thing to worry about!

    The bar is also very expensive, we were over £5 for 2 diet cokes and ginger beer. Ouch.

    Lunch was also £70 for the 3 of us!

    I also checked out the toilets this time, and there is a little section in the toilets with baskets and mirrors for people to touch up make-up and stuff away from the sinks. So plenty of room for my bathroom baskets to go for the guests.

    Oh its got me all excited again! lol
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    Hi Linzi_mac glad you had such a good time at Bunchrew image We have decided to go for the McKay suite too stunning room and can't wait to try the Jacuzzi bath!

    I didn't realise it had been taken over either, saying that though I never met the last owners just Deborgh.

    That is handy to know about the store room upstairs was going to ask them about dropping things off! We are staying in Inverness on the Friday.

    I did notice food and drink wasn't very cheap, but I think they are normal prices for places of that standard.

    I did notice the toilets too.... and was also thinking of this idea as just a little something extra!

    I bet you are getting excited it makes it seem so much more real when you are there walking around and planning things! I had my first dress fitting on saturday was so hard standing still....i just wanted to swoosh about lol!

    Are you getting your table centre's from Highland Occasions by Design too? i have decided to get mine from her we have gone for the double bubble ones they are all stunning though! Also gone for the new way she has come up with tying the bows to the side to make it a little bit different and the isle roses too! Can't wait to see it all come together.....getting close now!!!!!

    Kim x
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    Got my appointment booked with the chef etc on the 15th may, loooking forward to having everying finalised there and a bit more knowledge about whats happeing!

    how are you all getting on now?
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    yay can finally reply! darn forum.

    ooh lucky you having your meeting soon with Chef. I can recomment the raspberry, blueberry and guave creme brulee.AMAZING.

    I sent Bunchrew an email last week asking a few things like the price of the rooms cause they are still cheaper on the website so what I was originally quoted. They aint got back to me yet...........

    booked my florist yesterday too, at last! So thats all the big things done. Just to get hair and make-up etc sorted and meet with cake woman and then its onto all the little things.

    oh, also asked Bunchrew if i could have jugs of cocktails on the tables instead of wine.
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    got a reply from Bunchrew. My rooms are still £150 cause we only have 50 people.

    Cant have my hog roast cause we MUST cater for at least 60 adults at night time, but they said their basic buffet starts at £7 per person? I thought it was £9.99? anyway a buffet for 60 would be £420 and then hog roast for another 60 would be about £480 too, so will need to see.

    they have also said that due to a wedding the day before i cant get a room there to get ready in until 11am. That has annoyed me slightly as I was told before I could get a room at 9am. We were planning on getting ready there, but as the ceremony is at 2pm I dont think that is enough time. We will need to go elsewhere to get the hair done, and then arrive at Bunchrew at 11am for hair and dressing. (And bubbly!)

    just cant wait to go and sit with them and get all the figures and costings sorted out. Seems I dont really have a clue how much this wedding is going to cost us due to prices changing all the time! x
  • NikkiB-2bNikkiB-2b Posts: 8
    Hey girls

    We are getting maried at the Bunchrew in September this year, can't wait it's so gorgeous.

    Have any if you had your meeting with chef yet? How did it go?

    I've seen on this thread that some of you are talking about decorating the tree! I think that's a great idea it didn't even cross my mind! Has anyone seen pics of the tree decorated?! I'm not sure where to start with it! image x
  • linzi_maclinzi_mac Posts: 67
    nikki ask Eddie Macdonald at Ness-Pro video for a DVD of the recent wedding he did at Bunchrew. The tree looks AWESOME in that wedding! (that video made me book Eddie to do our wedding too!)
  • Getting married at Bunchrew House too!! image

    Ordered my dress from Wedding Daze in Nairn.

    Rings are coming from Smooch.

    Flowers are coming from Stephen Seedhouse Flowers.

    Hopefully going to get Mary Hemsworth for photos.

    Chair covers from Dress The Day.

    Sweetie table from Dress The Day.

    That's as far as we've gotten so far! But I've got plenty of time.

    Can anyone recommend someone that hires out linen??

    We want to go blue, and have got a couple of quotes but want to shop around.

    xxx xxx
  • Hi there, know its been a while since anyone posted here but I'm getting married in Bunchrew in May and wondered if anyone could give me some advice on getting married there. I was also thinking of an arch but didn't even know where to start! Oh and does anyone know if they provide chair covers at all or do we have to hire them? Oh and for past people, how did your weddings go!? image
  • Hi

    I am getting married at Bunchrew but not until next year. Just booked this week. No they don't do chair covers... You would have to hire them yourself. How are you getting on with your planning ? I just loved Bunchrew house when I visited last week.

  • Hello,

    I'm having my reception there in June! Have had first of the dress fittings, hair trial and meeting the florist today so am pretty wedding-ed out!

    H2B is getting a room there in the morning (from 10am I think) to get ready with his family - I'm getting ready at my parents house image

    Hope the planning is going well

  • I'm getting married in October here can't wait !
  • Anyone know of a good florist to do a wedding in Buchrew? Also someone who would come to the hotel to do hair and make up?

  • I got married at Bunchrew last November.  It was beautiful.  

    we used Stephen Seedhouse for flowers, he knows the place well and we also used Highland Occasions by Design for the chair covers and venue dressing. They were amazing too.

    the only think that i didnt like about my Bunchrew wedding is that the dance always seemed a bit empty, with most people congregating in the bar area or outside blooming smoking!


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