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Hello ladies,

Hope you are all enjoying your wedding planning.

I got married in July 2011 and really enjoyed the whole planning of the wedding (as well as the big day itself) I am really interested in becoming a wedding planner and event planner as I really enjoy everything about it. I am just looking for some feedback if you beautiful brides would have used a wedding planner and your thoughts on what service and fees you would all think was appropriate.

I am also looking to gain experience, I dont know if any of you ladies would be interested in help planning your wedding free of charge (of course) to help me gain ideas and experience.

Many thanks

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  • where about in the country are you?
  • Hi there I am in Greenock (West coast Scotland), i would be willing to travel image xx
  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122
    I am using a wedding planner for "wedding day management" basicall she will be there on the day to provide master of ceremonies services, make sure everything sticks to plan, is coordinating the decoration of the reception venue as i am using different suppliers and will help with any queries guests have.

    She has also been helping source suppliers and give me ideas re the running of the day.

    For this is am paying £300 which i thought was very reasonable given the time she is giving up. I would definitely recommend a wedding planner!

    Good luck with the new venture!

  • Hi Gutrie Princess, thanks for your info. Can you tell me where you found your planner (online, wedding fayre etc) also did she give you help when it came to going dress shopping, helping the men with there attires?

    I am really looking for a bride to let me become part of her day and let me help her plan everything and liase with her suppliers and give her ideas etc. So if you know anyone thats getting married and would be interested! image xxx
  • We're not using one but a friend did use Utopia (I was a bridesmaid and met Wendy from Utopia a few times in the run up to the wedding). She seemed really knowledgeable and well-connected which i guess is one of the most important things.

    I don't know what fee she charged but might be worth a wee email to other existing to planners to see what the going rate is?
  • I would imagine that it's harder than it seems and it is about having contacts. I'm not wishing to offend but you are being a bit naive with only personal experience. If this is something you really want to do arrange to meet and chat with one to find out more. You should also work towards getting an organisers post in a hotel or venue, getting the experience and feel for the job before making the jump. Being self employed is really hard right now so the security of an employer would probably be a safer option while you get a feel for it.
  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122
    I found mine through a friend - the wedding planner is her cousin and she mentioned her. I then heard her name more and more and had nothing but good reports.

    We are just using her for the on the day management but she offers a wide array of different services.

    I am actually having a planning meeting with her shortly jsut to go over exactly what my plans and ideas are.
  • A wedding planner has crossed my mind. All of hotels offer 'assistance' although I'm looking at holding our wedding at Polloksheilds Burgh Hall - which means a lot of organising myself and that's stressful!! You're welcome to get inolved if you want to gain experience - god knows i don't know where to start! I say good on you for doing something you enjoy!!!
  • Great wedding planners are worth their weight in Gold. They are excellent managers, negotiators and peoples people

    They have to be mature and strong headed enough to deal with strong characters, both in the family, and also sometimes at venues and with vendors

    They need a total artistic creative streak, and they need to be hyper organised

    They most definatally are fastidious about details, and excellent at spreadsheets and the like...

    They have a little black book full of contacts, and importantly, they know who has what wriggle room in what circumstances, and who can and can not be pushed a bit

    I know all of this, because I am married to one...

    BTW - I am the first one to fall into line - lol
  • I hope to hire a event planner..also hire marquee & Tiffany chairs
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