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Wedding Favour Ideas!

Hi all,

Just wondering what you guys are doing for wedding favours?


  • Hi, I'm thinking about giving Cancer research badges,I just thought that usually favours are something which ends up being left behind on the table/or something useless etc but with the badges it's something that is doing good and the money helps people. Just an idea anyway image
  • I've changed my mind soooo many times....

    We were going to have little bags of seeds that people could take home to plant - however, I don't know if people would actually bother taking them and it could be a waste of money!

    I've just been on a chocolate making course and am not considering making my own truffles!!

    I will also be making a donation to Project Aware - who are a charity who work towards protecting the underwater environment. I love Scuba diving and want to protect the world underwater that I love so much
  • I've just had the same problem. I have no idea what to give people as favours.

    I started a thread on here and the brides 2 be have been great and super useful.

    The one thing I have decided on is to tie our name tags (as place settings) onto the favours, two brids/one stone....

    Hope you get some great tips babe x
  • Princessbecbec Im doing the very same image

    I have cancer research little card's holding the charity pin on and quote's that for each bum on seat has helped there charity.

    I have put them in lovely deep purple envelope's with silver calligraphy name's written to the front and a small self stick diamonte either side of the name.

    They look very classy and double as name card and the pin is a lovely little keep sake too.

    It mean's a lot to us to have these as we have had some very poorly people in our family's over the last 2yrs who have suffered dreadfully from this evil disease.
  • Thank you for your replies. i really like the cancer charity idea, i was thinking of just giving wee bags of tablet, may do that and charity idea.

    thanks guys x
  • We took ages and ages to decide what to do as favours - actually considered not having any at one point as it was becoming such a stress as we didn't want to break the bank on something that many people will probably forget to take home! We thought about seeds, cookies, miniatures, etc etc but have finally decided on a little basket (have sourced some online froma craft place) with a mini pot of Dundee marmalade (where I'm from) and a mini pot of english mustard made locally to where my fiance is from. If they're left behind it's not the end of the world as it's working out very good value.
  • mism1mism1 Posts: 307
    Thank you for your replies. i really like the cancer charity idea, i was thinking of just giving wee bags of tablet, may do that and charity idea.

    thanks guys x[/quote)

    I'm doing this but boxes of tablet with the chairty pin pined through the box so people will need to take the badge off the box to get the tablet!!
  • I seen little miniature metal buckets with flying saucers in a cellophane bag inside & ribbon tied around it, looked lovely
  • RedVelvetRedVelvet Posts: 1,297 New bride
    I (I mean we.. image) haven't decided on anything yet, but I've seen these miniature bottles of wine that you can personalize with your names and wedding date. I think they would be adorable, as well as it would double up as one drink for everyone. The one place I was looking at they were like £3.50 each, though, so gets rather expensive if you have a lot of guests.
  • Pick1ePick1e Posts: 107
    We plan on making our favours, Fudge, coconut ice, shortbread etc but i do really like the cancer research idea
  • Hi im giving the ladies the 'wedding day' Yankee Candle in a bag but not sure what to give the guys will prob be a little bottle of booze!
  • Scottishgal1 I have those too! I did have cancer charity pins but my sister has recently been left badly disfigured due to cancer. I didnt really think but she kindly asked me not to do it on my wedding day as she is a guest and would like to have a cancer free day. I totally understand her feelings. She doesnt want my H2B's family asking questions and she will feel its for her benefit she said.

    Now I have yankee candles for the Ladys(wedding day) and I have just ordered small 100ml brushed satin bottles and we are filling them with grey goose vodka and personal stickers to the front. They will cost no more than £1.50 each so quit a bargain really as grey goose mini's are £4.50 each if pre made image

    If you need the name of the posh bottle's supplier just PM me.
  • AprilBride those bottles sound lovely! Is your venue ok with you taking in un sealead bottles? My mum seems to think the bottles would have to be pre made and properly sealed before my venue would let me have them but I was like are they really going to check every bottle!! Really!! image
  • They wont check them surely image

    Have a look at and search the alluminium bottle 50ml there only 55p image
  • Hey guys - I saw lovely little glass angel christmas decorations in salisbury cathedral and I bought them out - my wedding is im glasgow in 1 week! image love them xx
  • MrsJLMrsJL Posts: 378

    We had a very small wedding and we gave the l ladies a gift bag tied with some personalised ribbon and inside was a hankie, a compact mirror, a miniature bottle of hand cream and some love heart chocolates in gold foil. My brother-in-law who was our best man got an engraved money clip and my own brother who did our photographs got an engraved key ring both bought from the Pen Shop.   J x

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    We are giving all guests a National Lottery scratchcard with a lucky penny from the year we met in a favour box on their place. Figuring that everyone will play - who doesn't like to have a go at winning £1!!! 


     I have then made up little gift bags for people to take away that contain a bonboniere (my family are Italian) and various other little things as well as personalised badge. That way, if people don't take them on the night (they will be in a basket) I can hand deliver them over future weeks - we only have 60 guests though!


     I also have a sweets and treats table and will encourage them to fill bags to take home for their kids (themselves).

    We will be making a donation to two charities close to our hearts but we will not be making any announcements that we are doing so or using pins. The donation is a private thing for us. 

    Good luck finding something you like. There are loads of ideas on this site and many things are cheapish and beautiful when wrapped in ribbon that matches your theme. I have seen some great

    - Wine glass charms (handmade)

    - Bottles of alcohol (minatures)

    - Hot chocolate cones

    - Marmalade, Jams, homemade fudge, chocolates etc.

    - Personalised gifts relevant to the guest/couple

    - I went to a wedding where each place had a funny photo of the guest in a lovely frame! It looked quirky and the guest got to keep the frame to put a photo from the wedding in. The couple sent everyone photos with their thank you cards that were them (and ideally B&G at the wedding) I thought it was sweet!

    You do have to reconcile yourself though that you could have the most amazing favours but if they cannot be used/eaten straight away many will be left! 

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    For reference the most unsuccessful favour I have seen was bath bombs in the wedding colours. They looked fab on the tables (I had slight hygiene issues about them being on plates!) but I would say 90% were left at the end. Moms and B & G took theirs and a couple of sober guests! 

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821

    Aprilbride I love the idea od the yankee candle. Have you bulk bought these? I only need about 30 just wondered if you had sourced your from a particular place.

  • All the weddings I have been I have always liked the food stuff (jams, marmelades, sweets, chocolates) so from personnal point it was going to be foodie. I have been at a nice Burn's night where they offered gifts and it was honey pots for ladies and whiskey minatures for men, at the end of the eveneing they were all gone. I will probably do the same. And on the tables there will be pots chocolates with our names and the date.

  • lula12783lula12783 Posts: 8

    We are having a sweet table instead of favours so each guest will receive a bag with a personalised label at their table place setting and then after the meal they can help themselves

  • I am having lottery tickets for mine in lovely white card holders with pink ribbons, with a small hanks and good luck message printed on them, everyone gets a chance to win and it would be fab if someone did image

    I love the Yankee candle idea as well though, where did you get the miniatures from? Xx
  • sarahtooeysarahtooey Posts: 148

    We're having bars of tablet made locally (five miles away) and putting our own wedding stickers on the back, and also some small packets of coffee roasted in the glen behind the venue - the beans are from Brazil and my H2B is half Brazilian - it's really nice when you can support local producers.

  • I am a bit concerned about favours beacuse at most weddings I have been to quite a lot are left behind,  I liked the idea of charity pins, but my mum isn't keen as the last wedding she was at she said most were left behind.  Hmm.  Am wondering if a basket of favours might be better than leaving them on the tables.  My mum was thinking we wouldn't need favours but I have never been to a wedding that didn't have favours.

  • I bought miniature metal buckets from an ebay seller and put a tea light in the bottom, then I filled it with shredded tissue paper and added personalised mini loveheart sweets.  I also put a liitle luggage label on them which said thankyou for coming to our wedding printed on them - also from ebay.  In fact everything was from ebay except the tea lights which were from Morrisons. 

    They went down so well guests were actually looking for any that had been left behind.


  • melzyq17melzyq17 Posts: 27

    I found a fab thing that I think I might use for my own favours.

    Personalised m&ms which you can have your names/date etc written on, and you can choose colours to match your colour scheme. Really cute idea! image

    It was either that or personalised alcohol miniatures, you can never go round with food and drink!

  • melzyq17 - just had a look at this, how cool is that to have personalised M&m's

    I'm liking them a lot!

    Not sure how budget friendly they are though but they will look very good image
  • melzyq17melzyq17 Posts: 27

    Yes they are quite pricey. Was thinking about bulk buying the big bag and getting my own little bags from ebay to fill them, keep the costs down a bit! image

  • Hee hee I said exactly the same thing to h2b about buying the big bag

    Just need him to say yes now lol
  • I fancied the M and Ms but thought they were quite expensive.  Could make it work though!

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