Wedding Cake

Where are you guys getting your cake from? Any recommendations? Cheapish? Ideas please!


  • mrs2beemrs2bee Posts: 27
    Hey there, I am just going for a cake from M&S, 3 or 4 tiers for just under £200.00, think you can have traditional fruit sponge / lemon sponge or plain and several different designs available. My friend, who is excellent at these things, is going to 'dress' the cake to match my theme. You do see some beautiful cakes at the wedding shows etc but you are averaging about £400.00-£500.00 for a cake and personally I couldnt justify that..... If you were going to that level Truly Scrumptious does fantastic cakes xx
  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    We're having a four tier cake from Cake of Your Dreams - with chocolate, vanilla, lemon and red velvet sponge. It's costing us about £300.
  • kerryxx81kerryxx81 Posts: 109
    I am getting mine from M & S as I want the square 4 tier one £219, fruit, sponge and chocolate.

    My friend got hers from M & S and it was lovely.

    I cant justify spending around £500 on a cake. x
  • Thanks guys, I like the idea of the M & S option but I have no idea how to dress the cake. I agree with not spending a fortune on cake and can't believe the cost of cakes.

  • S8mmyjoS8mmyjo Posts: 111
    I'm also going for the M&S square cake, we are going to customise it ourselves. The price is fantastic!! image x
  • A relative is making our 3 tier cake then we are going to get butterfly cake decorations to go up the side as thats my theme. Found amazing real looking ones. You tubes great for help on doing your own cake decorations!.
  • MrsJLMrsJL Posts: 378

    We got our wedding cake from M&S and it was delicious.  We had two tiers as we had a small wedding,. Our colour scheme was ivory, pink and chocolate & butterflies.  Our cake was ivory and I dressed it with a small fresh floral decoration of pink & cream roses on top and round each cake I put a chocolate fine satin ribbon with a gold butterfly to seal the join of the ribbon.  It was perfect,   I hope this helps x

  • Ours is from 3D Cakes in Edinburgh, ours isn't actually a traditional wedding cake, so ours isn't too expensive, £300 image

    But 3D Cakes do some amazing Wedding Cakes!


  • We are getting our cake from One Fine Day - it's not the cheapest option but i saved money by booking them at the wedding show in the SECC - i had seen them there before and had looked at a few other places but decided i wanted them so got tickets for the show in February and went and booked he cake - it was all we did as i was kind of over the whole weddng show thing by then (i have been to 3 others included the SECC in the september) so we actually only went with the intention of booking the cake - saved over £90 by doing that which was great!  I think if i remember correctly our cake is going to be about £450 ish and gives us 190 servings.  Plus they had done my friends cake and it was really lovely! 

    I know a lot of people that have gone the M&S route and have been so pleased with it and we did consider it but as we are having to do so much organising (logistically suppliers wont come to our venue so we have to do all the set up ourselves) i thought decorating a cake was just another thing to do, so went with One Fine Day! 

  • pinklady1203pinklady1203 Posts: 241

    Hi, we're another couple going for an M&S cake - after reading reviews we decided to order taster packs and its gorgeous!! We are having 3 tier fruit, maderia sponge and choc sponge as people liked different things.

    Regarding decorating - there are lots of photos online to gain inspiration from, or there are ready made cake toppers/decorations on ebay that arent too expensive if you can be bothered to trawl through!

  • toriaaxtoriaax Posts: 237

    We are getting our cake from Truly Scrumptious in Linlithgow.  Found them at the wedding show in SECC & the samples tasted so good I couldn't not have them make our cake!  We are paying around £300 for a 3 tier cake - going to see about flavours etc in September, I can't wait!



  • We're having a 3 tier double height 1 tier fruit and the other 2 lemon sponge and it's costing £330 including delivery.  This is from Custom Cakes by Lynsey, she's been extremely helpful with her ideas and very reasonably priced compared to other places i asked for a quote.

  • FutureMAFutureMA Posts: 20

    Yip another M&S cake for us! I've also ordered a customised topper from got a photo of it today and it looks brilliant! 

  • lizbet2507lizbet2507 Posts: 155

    Yep I am joining the M&S gang too!!! Buying the square ivory fruit and sponge and then decorating myself... such good value and tastes lovely too!!! Even better my neighbour's Mum works for M&S so has said she will order for me and get 20% off... absolute bargain image

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    I'm hoping to make ours (bringing up the subject with my mum at the weekend, so plans might change lol), but if we buy one it'll be M&S for us too

  • We're also having M&S

    We tried their samples and both enjoyed them all, and because of the price we thought it would be silly not too

    I don't see the point either of spending a lot.

    Also I think some of them look nice too, ours will be plain though in various flavours, and then decorated using flowers etc.. by our florist
  • Im getting mine from the icing queen in bishopbriggs, 4 tiers one fruit, one chocolate one lemon and one vanilla for only £250 including delivery and set up, her cakes are lovely for the low prices she is charging x

  • MrsMcG2B1MrsMcG2B1 Posts: 293

    If you think you would struggle to dress the cake you could always ask your florist to make a posy for the top so it literally just needs to be placed on?





  • image

     Here is our cake! Although we are not going to be lying down on the bed, we are going to be perched up on the back, and then have our black cat & white Jack Russell on there too!! Can't wait to see it!! xx

  • I think M+S will be the way forward for us - but I'm not sure how much in advance I can/should order it online. Getting married next September  - any advice on when best to order it? Thanks.image

  • melzyq17melzyq17 Posts: 27

    If you wanted to go with M&S you could dress it up with a personalised topper. I can highly recommend the below company, they are based in Ireland but their toppers are amazing, they made my friends at the weekend and made an exact replica of her wedding dress and her groom's tartan! It was fantastic

    They also have a huge photo gallery on their facebook page.image

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