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Wedding bands in Scotland!

Hello brides!

My H2B and I are getting married in August 2013, so far we have booked our venue and that's it...we really want to start looking for our band, as we know it will be quite an expense. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are looking for a ceildh and function band/disco combination. We quite like the look of The Tatties, however they are at the top end of our budget!

Any help would be great!


  • Hey,

    We had no 1 masquerade for our wedding. That were great, everyone was up dancing. They did a bit of ceilidh, but we were useless at it! I would certainly recommend them x
  • DrDogDrDog Posts: 19

    We had the Pentlands Ceilidh Band for our wedding and they were fab! They did a mix of ceilidh (calling all the dances) and disco and are pretty reasonably priced image
  • If you're planning on having a Ceilidh we could be the band for you.

    "DeCeilidhBand" are originally a 4 piece band but can be larger or smaller depending on your needs.

    We have a caller for all those who may have forgotten how to ceilidh ! & also we have a DJ in the band if you wish to have a disco too.

    Deceilidhband play all the "ceilidh classics" but are willing to learn any songs on request.

    We are reasonably priced and happy to cater to any of your needs.

    Demos available on request.

    Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a phone on 07749807010.

  • One thing central Scotland has is a wealth of great bands. It's really down to what your specific requirements are. I'd always suggest going to hear a band first.

    I play for a wedding band that offers ceilidh and a DJ at no extra cost and can also recommend other bands in the area

    Google Empire Wedding Band. Happy to help image

  • I've heard The Big Shoogle at a wedding who were good, I think they were £800 but I don't think that included a DJ, not sure.

    The Jiggers, Kilter and Bahookie are meant to be excellent but they are all over the £1000 mark.

    I'd also heard about the Tatties and The Reel Fling....or Reel Thing?

    Good luck! 

  • We went to a wedding at comlongon castle - the resident band there were awesome - called jump the shark. Not sure if they play anywhere but there though.  They played a mixture of ceilidh and modern rock/indie stuff. 

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