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New bride - need help!! Pleaseeee :)

Heeeyy guys, can you please help!!!

I have booked my wedding for february 2013 in the lynnhurst hotel. That is only thing I have booked. I have no idea what to do now and where to start?

Im thinking priority is deciding on someon toe marry us and whether to get married in hotel, although cant decide on minster, registrar or humanist - how did you guys decide?

Im going to look at some dresses over friday and saturday - any recommendations of what shops to go to? Im willing to travel about an hour distance from glasgow.

And after I have someone to marry us and dress what do I do next?? Really should have went on that dont tell the bride showimage Im panicing and stressing soooo much!!

Any money saving tips suggestions would be fab as on a very tight budget.

Thanks in advance for your responses, anything no matter how big/little is it will be a help, Im no joking when I say I dont know where to start!!

Lisa xxx



  • Lucas2704Lucas2704 Posts: 100


    Defo need to consider giving notice soon with your local registry office, provisionally and then formally.

    Stock up on some magazines to get an idea of themes or colours you like and enjoy trying on dresses and shopping with your bridesmaids to get theirs. The magazines always have a countdown on what you should be doing month by month which is very helpful.

    The best way to save money is to go down the DIY route and shop about with suppliers. And my most helpful thing was to create a budget spreadsheet - decide on what you want to save /splurge on . E.g. you might not be bothered about flowers but you know you defo want a certain photographer etc.

    Good luck x

  • lisapooh3lisapooh3 Posts: 11

    Thanks image

    What do you mean give notice? I didnt even know you had to do that..... eeekkkk!!

    I got some magazines and been looking online for ideas too. Thinking a pink theme, havent even decided yet on who my bridesmaids should be.....Cant decide between 4 girls and cant afford to have all 4 image

    I will definetly create a budget spreadsheet thats a fab idea image

    Thanks image xxx

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Giving notice mean notice of marriage with your local registry office - its very easy and nothing to worry about.

    If you live in one area but are marrying in another you need to give notice at both,  but your registrar will explain it all to you!

    Good luck with the planning image

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  • I visited some wedding shows to get some ideas. Although I ended up getting ideas that means I'm spending more money now lol. Get your dress sorted and then book a photographer, band/DJ, registrar, cake.

    I decided on registrar because we are not religious and are not imaginative enough to have a humanist as you have to kinda think about what you want at your ceremony.
  • Hi there, congratulations! I was in the same position not so long ago. Try not to panic it will all come together. My best advice would be on chair covers as we had a nightmare with ours. We booked the cheapest we could find as we were on a tight budget. When we seen them they were awful. Stretchy and see through. I couldn't bare the thought of them at our wedding. Only weeks before our wedding we rang pinklinenhire a company based in central scotland. They were so friendly and helpful and their covers were so much nicer. They were good quality and gave our wedding the elegant look I was after. Although I lost my deposit from the original company pink were really reasonable and came and fitted and steamed the covers so it was totally stress free. So make she if you are getting chair covers that they are not the stretchy ones! Good luck
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