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Myself and fiance want a band at our wedding reception, which is taking place in August 2014 in Glasgow.  We found one we liked and were quoted a price of over £1200 (5 piece band)!  Was just wondering if this is the average sort of cost for a band in Glasgow, and if anyone has any recommendations for any other bands that may be cheaper but still good?

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated image Thanks. x


  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    Not sure about normal bands, but I have a ceilidh band for £450, 4 piece group if I remember correctly.

    I'd ask about, sure you can get it for less

  • I have a 5 piece band for next year and they are £1000. That was good compared to other quotes.

  • In the Glasgow area, you'd expect to pay roughly:

    Wedding Band: £600 to £2000 (usually depends on number of members)

    Ceilidh Band: £350 to £900

    Source: i'm in both a ceilidh and wedding band in Glasgow and very aware of what other bands charge image

    Hope this helps.

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