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Modern wedding cars Aberdeen

Hey everyone!

I am looking at arranging my wedding transport, but dont want to go vintage. I love the thought of having a newer Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley but all the companies in and around Aberdeen only seem to have old cars.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a company which provides more modern wedding cars?

Any help much appreciated! image


  • Hi,

    I used azzure wedding cars think there in Cults. There's a place in Glasgow that hire out a Phantom but I wasn't sure sending a cheque to a po box address. Phantomsotland I think there website was called.

  • melzyq17melzyq17 Posts: 27

    Thanks for that Bella141414, had a look at Phantomscotland and the only think that puts me off is that the car is black! Make me think of a funeral car rather than wedding! Found another site which is based down by Glasgow and they have a silver phantom but are quoting £1066 for the day. Is this about average for wedding cars??

  • melzyq17melzyq17 Posts: 27

    Although just looked at azzure cars and they have a 2006, grey rolls royce phantom limo! image Must enquire further!

  • Mmmm I was ??900 for three cars from high society wedding cars in Carnoustie (traditional cars) and ??450 for a ferarri Fromm Azzure. This a clip from our wedding if you want to see the cars-
  • Oh wow those cars are stunning!  What a beautiful video as well! Did you get the dancefloor from Jordana events? I've been in touch with them about this image

  • Just got in touch with high society wedding cars about the white beauford (i know its not the modern wedding car i was talking about but its beautiful) and all their vehicles are out for that day already!!! image

  • Ah when's your day?

    No all flowers and stationary from Jordana but dance floor, fireworks, flower fireworks, up lighters, star cloth and singing waiters Masquerade Productions xxx
  • Yay, I have found another company in Carnoustie who have a white Beauford available similar to your one, bella141414. Chauffers of Carnoustie they are called. My date is 07 June 2014, so I didnt think I would need to book the cars so far in advance! Turns out I was wrong! Think Im just going to bite the bullet and book it image They are quoting £400 for the day.


  • I think I was around that.

    Yeah it's madness how everything gets booked up! I've heard of them. Think there reliable too. Too much choice! I loved planning our wedding seems ages ago x
  • Have a look at the site because they might have a car deal for a good price.. if not then contact them to see if they can get any for you. It is a wedding deals site similar to groupon.


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