Tape2DVD Wedding Videographers - Help!

Due to our budget, I had decided that a videographer was not going to be possible, then saw an advert on Gumtree (I know...) for a budget one, £275 for the whole day and first 2 dances.

I contacted the guy and he was really friendly, and agreed that once I got my date confirmed, he would do the wedding at that price even though it is next year.

Anyway, I now have enough to pay all the deposits for the various things, so emailed him and asked for bank details or an address to send a cheque to, and also asked if he could send me examples of his work...and I've heard nothing. It's now over a week, and have sent 2 emails.

The company doesn't really have a website, just a few mentions on wedding sites that I can find, have any of you heard of them or used them? Doubt I can get someone else at that price, and can't go above £300 image

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