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'sporran to be wild' or 'jiggers'


has anyone used 'Sporran to be wild' or 'jiggers' ceilidh band plus DJ for their wedding? I'd love to hear your experiences!

Or any other recommendations / experiences of Glasgow based bands would be welcome.  We're trying to pick a ceilidh band (ideally fiddle rather than accordian led), that can also do a good disco afterwards so we can get everyone up dancing all night.




  • We had the jiggers as our band last August. I can thoroughly recommend them, they know how to work a crowd and had the dance floor full pretty much all night. Hope that's helpful to you.

  • We are using a band called The Cartel who's charismatic frontman Chris Suckle is an old friend of my fiance's, and who I know completely separately! They are amazing, but not really a ceilidh band. They are fantastic musicians and are good at most styles you throw at them, making up most of the night with covers or their own music if you wish. They are doing a ceilidh set for our wedding though as well, and do this very well. image

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