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Aberdeenshire Wedding Venues


My Fiance and I are newly engaged and have started looking at venues for our wedding.  We are struggling to find somewhere that isn't too expensive.  We've worked out a rough guest list, and the the lowest number we get is 80.  That is with only our closest friends, aunties, uncles and cousins under 16.  

Has anyone got any suggestions for locations/venues?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Debbie,


    Have you had look at the Holiday Inn Westhill or Mary Culter House Hotel? Both hotels offer great package deals which can help save money as you won't need to pay out for things which are included for free in the package, for example a piper etc! 


    Hope this helps :)

  • Can highly recommend Maryculter House Hotel - my sister got married there last year.  The day went really smoothly :)

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