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Hi Brides (and Grooms),

I know most of you are mega excited and some maybe a little stressed ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I just wanted to try and help a little bit as someone who has been through all of this before. I and many of my friends used all of the main wedding sites and forums trying to gather as much info as we could for the big day. They are brilliant but one of the things I found was that we were still jumping between about 100 different sites for the information we needed..

If you are from Scotland, the North East of the UK, the North West of the UK or you are looking to get married in these areas then there is a new website opening on 01.01.16 which might help with that...ย is aiming to be the biggest website in the UK for weddings in the North of England and in Scotland. This means it will have the most businesses, contacts, suppliers, news and stories on any site on the Internet...ย 

Go and have a look around just now to get an idea before the full launch of the full site on the 1st January. You can follow them on Twitter @northweddings or like and share them on Facebook at as well as visiting the main site atย www.northweddings.comย 

Get in touch with them if there is anything that YOU would like on the site that would help you before 1st January. At the end of that day the site is there for you to help make your dream day a reality.

Good luck with all your planning x

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