Photo booth hire

Hello lovely fellow Scottish brides and brides to be. I am desperately looking for recomendations for photo booth hire companies that you have used before....we live in England and organizing wedding in Scotland needs a serious help!:) 

The wedding will be in Falkirk in August 2016.

Thank you all ever so much!

Jana x


  • EflemEflem Posts: 7

    Bygone photo booth are excellent, have worked with them before. And blushbooth are always a popular choice! 

  • is awesome and cheaper and more personal than other companies!

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Can you DIY it? Cheap photo booth props, some black material as a backdrop and a vintage Polaroid on a tripod - a friend had this set up in a corner at their wedding. All the pics could be hung up to be displayed straight away - we're stealing the idea/camera/material for our wedding 'booth' too! It's a fraction of the cost.

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