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I have a few questions re wedding photography (and videotography). I'm getting married next October in Edinburgh city centre. I want a photographer who takes good natural shots - as well as some of the more traditional ones. I'd also love it if they could be there from getting ready, to the evening reception/meal. Any idea what this might cost me? and any photographer recommendations?


Also, has anyone used a videotogrpher that they recommend? I suspect this will be out of my budget so may just have to rely on a good photographer, but does anyone know of a photographer who does both as part of the package, and what that might set me back? 


finally, for those of you that have got a video movie of your wedding day, would you say it was worth the money? I'm worried I'll totally regret it if I didn't get one... but like I said, they all seem to be SO expensive (approx £3k for the ones i've looked at...!)


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  • This is like asking 'how long is a piece of string?'. Prices will depend on the photographer's experience, how long you want them for, what's included in the package (engagement shoot, albums) etc. 

    I have gone for a photographer that does mostly natural shots with a few traditional group shots and couple shots too. His current price is £1100 for the full day (from getting ready until after the first dance). However, I only paid £520 for the same package. 

    If you want a videographer but can't afford both, you might want to consider a videography/photography package, which some videographers offer. Mine does it and it means that the day is filmed and then stills are taken from the videos so you can have both a video and selection of photos. I think this can be added onto my videographers video package for £300, so its very reasonable. 

    I also couldn't afford a videographer and looked into companies just starting out. My videography is free (I just have to pay for travel and accommodation) as the company will use our highlight video for advertisement. My FMIL had her video filmed by students at a very reasonable price (around the £300 mark) and her video turned out great!

    Like you, I think I would have regretted if I had not booked it - my friend got married a couple of years ago and that's her only regret too. In fact, my wedding is in a week and a half and the video is one of the bits I'm most excited about! 

    I can't recommend anyone unfortunately as I'm in the Midlands. But, good luck with your search! 

  • HanlawHanlaw Posts: 31 New bride

    We have booked Makula photography! His shots are really good but he is normally booked out so I recommend messaging him early. His price is £1950 for his top package, but there are cheaper options!

    In regards to videographer, we are looking at Olive & Thistle, they are a glasgow based videographer. I havent met them yet, meeting them next month but they are £1650 for the whole day! I understand the price frustration, some of the other ones we looked for were around £3000 too.

  • Jeff13Jeff13 Posts: 3

    Try Jayne Louise Wright at Vanilla Moon Photography. I've no connection to her other than once being lucky enough to employ her. She will also know professional people who offer video too. I stress professional because you don't either of them getting in the way of the other.

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